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The design comprises the features of shape and configuration of the Container shown in the drawings. The design is shown in solid lines in the drawings. Any broken lines in the drawings are for illustrative purposes only and form no part of the design.Figure 1 is a top frontal perspective view of the Container;Figure 2 is a left side view of the Container of Figure 1;Figure 3 is a right side view of the Container of Figure 1;Figure 4 is a front view of the Container of Figure 1;Figure 5 is a back view of the Container of Figure 1;Figure 6 is a top view of the Container of Figure 1; andFigure 7 is a bottom view of the Container of Figure 1.
CA 125380 2007-09-28 2008-03-28 Container Expired - Lifetime CA125380S (en)

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US29/295,489 USD578265S1 (en) 2007-09-28 2007-09-28 Container

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CA 125380 Expired - Lifetime CA125380S (en) 2007-09-28 2008-03-28 Container

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