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    • C07D307/00Heterocyclic compounds containing five-membered rings having one oxygen atom as the only ring hetero atom
    • C07D307/77Heterocyclic compounds containing five-membered rings having one oxygen atom as the only ring hetero atom ortho- or peri-condensed with carbocyclic rings or ring systems
    • C07D307/78Benzo [b] furans; Hydrogenated benzo [b] furans
    • C07D307/79Benzo [b] furans; Hydrogenated benzo [b] furans with only hydrogen atoms, hydrocarbon or substituted hydrocarbon radicals directly attached to carbon atoms of the hetero ring
    • C07D307/81Radicals substituted by nitrogen atoms not forming part of a nitro radical
BE623403D 1962-08-08 BE623403A (en)

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US215530A US3200132A (en) 1962-08-08 1962-08-08 Aminomethyl-benzofurans

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BE623403A true BE623403A (en)



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BE623403D BE623403A (en) 1962-08-08

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US (1) US3200132A (en)
BE (1) BE623403A (en)

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US3200132A (en) 1965-08-10

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