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Fermeture rotatoire.


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BE592919A BE592919A BE592919A BE592919A BE 592919 A BE592919 A BE 592919A BE 592919 A BE592919 A BE 592919A BE 592919 A BE592919 A BE 592919A BE 592919 A BE592919 A BE 592919A
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rotary closure
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Werner & Mertz Gmbh
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BE592919A 1959-07-15 1960-07-13 Fermeture rotatoire. BE592919A (fr)

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DEW0022431 1959-07-15

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BE592919A true BE592919A (fr) 1960-10-31



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BE592919A BE592919A (fr) 1959-07-15 1960-07-13 Fermeture rotatoire.

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BE (1) BE592919A (fr)

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