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Newness and distinctiveness resides in the shape or configuration of a case for an electronic device as shown in the accompanying representations.
AU201410236F 2012-06-13 2014-01-20 Case for an electronic device Active AU353492S (en)

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US29/454,587 USD736777S1 (en) 2012-06-13 2013-05-11 Case for an electronic device

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AU201315779F Active AU353539S (en) 2012-06-13 2013-11-11 Case for an electronic device
AU201410236F Active AU353492S (en) 2012-06-13 2014-01-20 Case for an electronic device
AU201410235F Active AU353976S (en) 2012-06-13 2014-01-20 Case for an electronic device

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AU201315779F Active AU353539S (en) 2012-06-13 2013-11-11 Case for an electronic device

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AU201410235F Active AU353976S (en) 2012-06-13 2014-01-20 Case for an electronic device

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