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Treating fibrous material


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AU233712B2 AU47882/59A AU4788259A AU233712B2 AU 233712 B2 AU233712 B2 AU 233712B2 AU 47882/59 A AU47882/59 A AU 47882/59A AU 4788259 A AU4788259 A AU 4788259A AU 233712 B2 AU233712 B2 AU 233712B2
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fibrous material
treating fibrous
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AU4788259A (en
Reamer Rossum Gaillard
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Johns Manville Corp
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Johns Manville Corp
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AU47882/59A 1959-04-16 Treating fibrous material Expired AU233712B2 (en)

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AU4788259A AU4788259A (en) 1959-10-22
AU233712B2 true AU233712B2 (en) 1959-10-22



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