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Optik Elektronik & Metallwaren
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    • B60R1/00Optical viewing arrangements
    • B60R1/02Rear-view mirror arrangements
    • B60R1/08Rear-view mirror arrangements involving special optical features, e.g. avoiding blind spots, e.g. convex mirrors; Side-by-side associations of rear-view and other mirrors
    • B60R1/083Anti-glare mirrors, e.g. "day-night" mirrors
    • B60R1/086Anti-glare mirrors, e.g. "day-night" mirrors using a mirror angularly movable between a position of use and a non-glare position reflecting a dark field to the user, e.g. situated behind a transparent glass used as low-reflecting surface; Wedge-shaped mirrors
    • B60R1/087Anti-glare mirrors, e.g. "day-night" mirrors using a mirror angularly movable between a position of use and a non-glare position reflecting a dark field to the user, e.g. situated behind a transparent glass used as low-reflecting surface; Wedge-shaped mirrors with remote or automatic control means
AT716779A 1979-11-08 1979-11-08 Rearview mirror AT374420B (en)

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AT716779A AT374420B (en) 1979-11-08 1979-11-08 Rearview mirror

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AT716779A AT374420B (en) 1979-11-08 1979-11-08 Rearview mirror
DE19803041692 DE3041692A1 (en) 1979-11-08 1980-11-05 Vehicle rear-view mirror - has antidazzle shutter moving in response to photodetector, detecting vehicle approaching from behind

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ATA716779A ATA716779A (en) 1983-09-15
AT374420B true AT374420B (en) 1984-04-25



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AT716779A AT374420B (en) 1979-11-08 1979-11-08 Rearview mirror

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AT (1) AT374420B (en)
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ATA716779A (en) 1983-09-15
DE3041692A1 (en) 1981-05-21

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