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    • A43B5/00Footwear for sporting purposes
    • A43B5/04Ski boots; Similar boots
    • A43B5/0427Ski boots; Similar boots characterised by type or construction details
AT979968A 1968-03-26 1968-10-08 ski boot AT309267B (en)

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DE1760035 1968-03-26

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AT309267B true AT309267B (en) 1973-08-10



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AT979968A AT309267B (en) 1968-03-26 1968-10-08 ski boot

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US (1) US3535800A (en)
AT (1) AT309267B (en)
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FR (1) FR1604866A (en)

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CH481592A (en) 1969-11-30
FR1604866A (en) 1972-04-17
US3535800A (en) 1970-10-27

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