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Sports shoe, in particular ski boot


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    • A43B7/00Footwear with health or hygienic arrangements
    • A43B7/14Footwear with foot-supporting parts
    • A43B7/1495Footwear with arch-supports of the bracelet type
AT335968A 1967-04-08 1968-04-05 Sports shoe, in particular ski boot AT288201B (en)

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DE1967F0052078 DE1685288B1 (en) 1967-04-08 1967-04-08 Ski or. Mountain boots with a stretchable Stuetzteil for the Fusslaengsgewoelbe

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AT288201B true AT288201B (en) 1971-02-25



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AT335968A AT288201B (en) 1967-04-08 1968-04-05 Sports shoe, in particular ski boot

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CH468164A (en) 1969-02-15
DE1685288B1 (en) 1972-05-31
US3522668A (en) 1970-08-04
FR1558891A (en) 1969-02-28

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