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Pump drive unit for extraction of water, oil or other fluids


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    • E21B43/00Methods or apparatus for obtaining oil, gas, water, soluble or meltable materials or a slurry of minerals from wells
    • E21B43/12Methods or apparatus for controlling the flow of the obtained fluid to or in wells
    • E21B43/121Lifting well fluids
    • E21B43/129Adaptations of down-hole pump systems powered by fluid supplied from outside the borehole


Unidad de accionamiento de bomba para extracción de agua, petróleo u otros fluidos, del tipo de las que son accionadas en forma alternativa, ascendente y descendente, a través de una sarta de bombeo y que permite la extracción de fluidos desde miles de metros de profundidad. Drive unit pump for removing water, oil or other fluids, of the type which are driven alternately upward and downward through a string of pumping and enabling fluid extraction from thousands of meters deep . La presente unidad puede ser aplicada en cualquier pozo operado por bombeo mecánico, sin realizar ninguna modificación en la instalación existente, y logrando una disminución en los costos de equipo de extracción y operación del orden del 20%. This unit can be applied in any well operated by mechanical pumping, without any modifications to the existing facility, and achieving lower costs of extraction equipment and operation of the order of 20%. La unidad de accionamiento comprende un pistón (2) capaz de deslizarte por el interior de un cilindro vertical hidráulico (4) por aplicación de un fluido de accionamiento, y en donde el vástago del pistón (2) es el vástago pulido de la sarta de varillas (1). The drive unit comprises a piston (2) able to slide on the inside of a vertical hydraulic cylinder (4) by applying an actuating fluid, and wherein the stem of the piston (2) is the stem polishing string rods (1).
ARP140101389A 2014-03-27 2014-03-27 Pump drive unit for extraction of water, oil or other fluids AR095913A1 (en)

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ARP140101389A AR095913A1 (en) 2014-03-27 2014-03-27 Pump drive unit for extraction of water, oil or other fluids

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ARP140101389A AR095913A1 (en) 2014-03-27 2014-03-27 Pump drive unit for extraction of water, oil or other fluids
MX2015004121A MX2015004121A (en) 2014-03-27 2015-03-19 Pump drive unit for water, oil or other fluid extraction.
US14/670,545 US20150300137A1 (en) 2014-03-27 2015-03-27 Pump Drive Unit for Water, Oil or Other Fluid Extraction

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ARP140101389A AR095913A1 (en) 2014-03-27 2014-03-27 Pump drive unit for extraction of water, oil or other fluids

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