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Photovoltaic Tile


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photovoltaic tile
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Feiyan Si
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Beijing Hanergy Solar Power Invest Co Ltd
Feiyan SI
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Priority claimed from CN201830152089 external-priority
Application filed by Beijing Hanergy Solar Power Invest Co Ltd, Feiyan SI filed Critical Beijing Hanergy Solar Power Invest Co Ltd
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APAPD2018001336F 2018-04-13 2018-10-08 Photovoltaic Tile AP01045S1 (en)

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CN201830152089 2018-04-13

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AP01045S1 true AP01045S1 (en) 2019-05-02



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APAPD2018001336F AP01045S1 (en) 2018-04-13 2018-10-08 Photovoltaic Tile

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JP (1) JP1638902S (en)
AP (1) AP01045S1 (en)
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ZAA201801517S (en) 2019-08-28
ZAA201801516S (en) 2019-08-28
JP1638902S (en) 2019-08-13

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