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Device for displaying a first image in a second image which is visible through a transparent pane


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South Africa
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Christhard Deter
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Ldt Gmbh & Co
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ZA9608870A 1995-10-27 1996-10-22 Device for displaying a first image in a second image which is visible through a transparent pane ZA9608870B (en)

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DE1995140108 DE19540108C2 (en) 1995-10-27 1995-10-27 Apparatus for displaying a first image in a visible through a transparent pane second image

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ZA9608870B true ZA9608870B (en) 1997-05-27



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ZA9608870A ZA9608870B (en) 1995-10-27 1996-10-22 Device for displaying a first image in a second image which is visible through a transparent pane

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