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Direct suture orifice for mechanical heart valve.


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South Africa
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heart valve
mechanical heart
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Terry L Shepherd
Guy Vanney
Kurt D Krueger
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St Jude Medical
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    • A61F2/00Filters implantable into blood vessels; Prostheses, i.e. artificial substitutes or replacements for parts of the body; Appliances for connecting them with the body; Devices providing patency to, or preventing collapsing of, tubular structures of the body, e.g. stents
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    • A61F2/24Heart valves ; Vascular valves, e.g. venous valves; Heart implants, e.g. passive devices for improving the function of the native valve or the heart muscle; Transmyocardial revascularisation [TMR] devices
    • A61F2/2409Support rings therefor, e.g. for connecting valves to tissue
    • Y10S623/00Prosthesis, i.e. artificial body members, parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor
    • Y10S623/90Stent for heart valve
ZA9604885A 1995-06-07 1996-06-07 Direct suture orifice for mechanical heart valve. ZA9604885B (en)

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US48325595A true 1995-06-07 1995-06-07

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ZA9604885B true ZA9604885B (en) 1997-02-06



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ZA9604885A ZA9604885B (en) 1995-06-07 1996-06-07 Direct suture orifice for mechanical heart valve.

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