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Rotatable cuff assembly for a heart valve prosthesis


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South Africa
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cuff assembly
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Guy P Vanney
Michael J Girard
William R Kramlinger
Jones A Runquist
Kimberly A Anderson
Scott D Moore
Bob Allan
James E Graf
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St Jude Medical
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    • Y10S623/00Prosthesis, i.e. artificial body members, parts thereof, or aids and accessories therefor
    • Y10S623/90Stent for heart valve
ZA9508860A 1994-10-21 1995-10-19 Rotatable cuff assembly for a heart valve prosthesis ZA9508860B (en)

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US32716494A true 1994-10-21 1994-10-21

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ZA9508860B true ZA9508860B (en) 1997-04-18



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ZA9508860A ZA9508860B (en) 1994-10-21 1995-10-19 Rotatable cuff assembly for a heart valve prosthesis

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