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Lyophilized imaging agent formulation


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South Africa
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Diane C Corbo
Mary Jean M Link
Scott K Larsen
Howard F Solomon
Michelle L Tomsho
Robert L Suddith
Michael Bornstein
N Adeyinka Williams
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Ortho Pharma Corp
Johnson Matthey Inc
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    • A61K51/1093Antibodies or immunoglobulins; Fragments thereof, the carrier being an antibody or an immunoglobulin, or a fragment thereof, e.g. a camelised human single domain antibody, or the Fc fragment of an antibody conjugates with carriers being antibodies
ZA9505642A 1994-07-07 1995-07-06 Lyophilized imaging agent formulation ZA9505642B (en)

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US27181894A true 1994-07-07 1994-07-07

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ZA9505642B true ZA9505642B (en) 1997-05-06



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ZA9505642A ZA9505642B (en) 1994-07-07 1995-07-06 Lyophilized imaging agent formulation

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