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Tactile control for automated bucket loading


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South Africa
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tactile control
bucket loading
automated bucket
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Andrew Dasys
Louis Geoffroy
Andre Drouin
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Hdrk Mining Res Ltd
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    • E02F3/00Dredgers; Soil-shifting machines
    • E02F3/04Dredgers; Soil-shifting machines mechanically-driven
    • E02F3/28Dredgers; Soil-shifting machines mechanically-driven with digging tools mounted on a dipper- or bucket-arm, i.e. there is either one arm or a pair of arms, e.g. dippers, buckets
    • E02F3/36Component parts
    • E02F3/42Drives for dippers, buckets, dipper-arms or bucket-arms
    • E02F3/43Control of dipper or bucket position; Control of sequence of drive operations
    • E02F3/431Control of dipper or bucket position; Control of sequence of drive operations for bucket-arms, front-end loaders, dumpers or the like
    • E02F3/434Control of dipper or bucket position; Control of sequence of drive operations for bucket-arms, front-end loaders, dumpers or the like providing automatic sequences of movements, e.g. automatic dumping or loading, automatic return-to-dig
ZA9503844A 1994-06-07 1995-05-11 Tactile control for automated bucket loading ZA9503844B (en)

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CA 2125375 CA2125375C (en) 1994-06-07 1994-06-07 Tactile control for automated bucket loading

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ZA9503844B true ZA9503844B (en) 1996-01-18



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ZA9503844A ZA9503844B (en) 1994-06-07 1995-05-11 Tactile control for automated bucket loading

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