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Oral compositions


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South Africa
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oral compositions
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Nigel Peter Bird
Peter Bird Nigel
Geoffrey Stewart Ingram
Stewart Ingram Geoffrey
Paul Ian Riley
Ian Riley Paul
James Alexander Ritchie
Alexander Ritchie James
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Unilever Plc
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    • A61K8/00Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations
    • A61K8/18Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition
    • A61K8/19Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition containing inorganic ingredients
    • A61K8/00Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations
    • A61K8/18Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition
    • A61K8/30Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations characterised by the composition containing organic compounds
    • A61K8/67Vitamins
    • A61K8/676Ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C
    • A61Q11/00Preparations for care of the teeth, of the oral cavity or of dentures; Dentifrices, e.g. toothpastes; Mouth rinses
ZA889315A 1987-12-18 1988-12-13 Oral compositions ZA8809315B (en)

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GB878729564A GB8729564D0 (en) 1987-12-18 1987-12-18 Oral compositions

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ZA8809315B true ZA8809315B (en) 1990-08-29



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ZA889315A ZA8809315B (en) 1987-12-18 1988-12-13 Oral compositions

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