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Passive universal communicator


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ZA8808073B ZA888073A ZA8808073A ZA8808073B ZA 8808073 B ZA8808073 B ZA 8808073B ZA 888073 A ZA888073 A ZA 888073A ZA 8808073 A ZA8808073 A ZA 8808073A ZA 8808073 B ZA8808073 B ZA 8808073B
South Africa
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passive universal
universal communicator
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Paul Anton Nysen
Anton Nysen Paul
Raphael Tobias
Tobias Raphael
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Nysen Paul A
Tobias Raphael
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ZA888073A 1987-10-27 1988-10-27 Passive universal communicator ZA8808073B (en)

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AUPI510787 1987-10-27

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ZA8808073B true ZA8808073B (en) 1990-06-27



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ZA888073A ZA8808073B (en) 1987-10-27 1988-10-27 Passive universal communicator

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CN (1) CN1035596A (en)
AU (1) AU2647788A (en)
ZA (1) ZA8808073B (en)

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CN1035596A (en) 1989-09-13
AU2647788A (en) 1989-06-08

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