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Method and apparatus for fire control


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South Africa
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fire control
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Panayiotis George Papavergos
George Papavergos Panayiotis
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British Petroleum Co Plc
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    • A62C5/00Making of fire-extinguishing materials immediately before use
    • A62C5/02Making of fire-extinguishing materials immediately before use of foam
    • A62C5/022Making of fire-extinguishing materials immediately before use of foam with air or gas present as such
    • A62C5/024Apparatus in the form of pipes
    • A62C31/00Delivery of fire-extinguishing material
    • A62C31/02Nozzles specially adapted for fire-extinguishing
    • A62C31/05Nozzles specially adapted for fire-extinguishing with two or more outlets
    • B05B7/00Spraying apparatus for discharge of liquids or other fluent materials from two or more sources, e.g. of liquid and air, of powder and gas
    • B05B7/02Spray pistols; Apparatus for discharge
    • B05B7/04Spray pistols; Apparatus for discharge with arrangements for mixing liquids or other fluent materials before discharge
    • B05B7/0416Spray pistols; Apparatus for discharge with arrangements for mixing liquids or other fluent materials before discharge with arrangements for mixing one gas and one liquid
    • B05B7/0483Spray pistols; Apparatus for discharge with arrangements for mixing liquids or other fluent materials before discharge with arrangements for mixing one gas and one liquid with gas and liquid jets intersecting in the mixing chamber
ZA887745A 1987-10-24 1988-10-17 Method and apparatus for fire control ZA8807745B (en)

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GB878724973A GB8724973D0 (en) 1987-10-24 1987-10-24 Fire fighting

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ZA8807745B true ZA8807745B (en) 1990-06-27



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ZA887745A ZA8807745B (en) 1987-10-24 1988-10-17 Method and apparatus for fire control

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