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Absolute pressure transducer


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South Africa
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pressure transducer
absolute pressure
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Heikki Kuisma
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Vaisala Oy
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    • G01L9/00Measuring steady or quasi-steady pressure of a fluid or a fluent solid material by electric or magnetic pressure-sensitive elements; Transmitting or indicating the displacement of mechanical pressure-sensitive elements, used to measure the steady or quasi-steady pressure of a fluid or fluent solid material by electric or magnetic means
    • G01L9/0041Transmitting or indicating the displacement of flexible diaphragms
    • G01L9/0072Transmitting or indicating the displacement of flexible diaphragms using variations in capacitance
    • G01L9/0073Transmitting or indicating the displacement of flexible diaphragms using variations in capacitance using a semiconductive diaphragm
    • H01G5/00Capacitors in which the capacitance is varied by mechanical means, e.g. by turning a shaft; Processes of their manufacture
    • H01G5/16Capacitors in which the capacitance is varied by mechanical means, e.g. by turning a shaft; Processes of their manufacture using variation of distance between electrodes
ZA857740A 1984-10-11 1985-10-08 Absolute pressure transducer ZA8507740B (en)

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FI843989A FI75426C (en) 1984-10-11 1984-10-11 Absoluttryckgivare.

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ZA8507740B true ZA8507740B (en) 1986-06-25



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ZA857740A ZA8507740B (en) 1984-10-11 1985-10-08 Absolute pressure transducer

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