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Melt-blowing die tip with integral tie bars


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South Africa
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tie bars
die tip
blowing die
integral tie
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David L Middleton
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Kimberly Clark Co
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    • D01D4/00Spinnerette packs; Cleaning thereof
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    • D01D4/025Melt-blowing or solution-blowing dies
ZA843211A 1983-05-12 1984-04-30 Melt-blowing die tip with integral tie bars ZA8403211B (en)

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US06/494,073 US4486161A (en) 1983-05-12 1983-05-12 Melt-blowing die tip with integral tie bars

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ZA8403211B true ZA8403211B (en) 1984-12-24



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ZA843211A ZA8403211B (en) 1983-05-12 1984-04-30 Melt-blowing die tip with integral tie bars

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