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Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt


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South Africa
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Merwe D Van Der
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Merwe D V D
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    • B65G45/00Lubricating, cleaning, or clearing devices
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    • B65G45/18Cleaning devices comprising brushes
ZA00800193A 1980-01-14 1980-01-14 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt ZA8000193B (en)

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ZA00800193A ZA8000193B (en) 1980-01-14 1980-01-14 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt

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ZA00800193A ZA8000193B (en) 1980-01-14 1980-01-14 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt
GB8037300A GB2067497B (en) 1980-01-14 1980-11-20 Cleaning of a conveyor belt
ZW290/80A ZW29080A1 (en) 1980-01-14 1980-11-28 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt
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ZA8000193B true ZA8000193B (en) 1981-08-26



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ZA00800193A ZA8000193B (en) 1980-01-14 1980-01-14 Method of and apparatus for cleaning a conveyor belt

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AU (1) AU6595181A (en)
GB (1) GB2067497B (en)
ZA (1) ZA8000193B (en)
ZW (1) ZW29080A1 (en)

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ZW29080A1 (en) 1981-02-25
GB2067497B (en) 1983-09-21
AU6595181A (en) 1981-07-23
GB2067497A (en) 1981-07-30

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