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A Alberghini
F Morris
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Pepsico Inc
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    • B67B3/00Closing bottles, jars or similar containers by applying caps
    • B67B3/02Closing bottles, jars or similar containers by applying caps by applying flanged caps, e.g. crown caps, and securing by deformation of flanges
    • B67B3/10Capping heads for securing caps
    • B67B3/12Capping heads for securing caps characterised by being movable axially relative to cap to deform flanges thereof, e.g. to press projecting flange rims inwardly
ZA00782553A 1977-05-09 1978-05-03 Apparatus ZA7802553B (en)

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US05/795,280 US4114347A (en) 1977-05-09 1977-05-09 Capping apparatus having means for conveying containers while suspended by a flange

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ZA7802553B true ZA7802553B (en) 1979-04-25



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ZA00782553A ZA7802553B (en) 1977-05-09 1978-05-03 Apparatus

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