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Ignition device


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South Africa
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F Wonisch
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Mayer & Wonisch
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    • F23Q13/00Igniters not otherwise provided for
    • F23Q13/04Igniters not otherwise provided for using portable burners, e.g. torches, fire pots
ZA00780803A 1977-02-17 1978-02-10 Ignition device ZA7800803B (en)

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DE19772706762 DE2706762A1 (en) 1977-02-17 1977-02-17 Handtools to ignite and fan of barbecue and kaminfeuerungen or the like.

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ZA7800803B true ZA7800803B (en) 1979-02-28



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ZA00780803A ZA7800803B (en) 1977-02-17 1978-02-10 Ignition device

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