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Method and apparatus for viewing and measuring damage in an inaccessible area


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South Africa
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inaccessible area
measuring damage
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R Howell
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United Technologies Corp
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    • G01B9/00Instruments as specified in the subgroups and characterised by the use of optical measuring means
    • G01B9/04Measuring microscopes
    • G02OPTICS
    • G02B23/00Telescopes, e.g. binoculars; Periscopes; Instruments for viewing the inside of hollow bodies; Viewfinders; Optical aiming or sighting devices
    • G02B23/24Instruments or systems for viewing the inside of hollow bodies, e.g. fibrescopes
    • G02B23/2476Non-optical details, e.g. housings, mountings, supports
ZA00774017A 1976-07-08 1977-07-04 Method and apparatus for viewing and measuring damage in an inaccessible area ZA7704017B (en)

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US05/703,402 US4078864A (en) 1976-07-08 1976-07-08 Method and apparatus for viewing and measuring damage in an inaccessible area

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ZA7704017B true ZA7704017B (en) 1978-05-30



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ZA00774017A ZA7704017B (en) 1976-07-08 1977-07-04 Method and apparatus for viewing and measuring damage in an inaccessible area

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