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Apparatus for making metal powder


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J King
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United Technologies Corp
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    • B22F9/00Making metallic powder or suspensions thereof
    • B22F9/02Making metallic powder or suspensions thereof using physical processes
    • B22F9/06Making metallic powder or suspensions thereof using physical processes starting from liquid material
    • B22F9/08Making metallic powder or suspensions thereof using physical processes starting from liquid material by casting, e.g. through sieves or in water, by atomising or spraying
    • B22F9/082Making metallic powder or suspensions thereof using physical processes starting from liquid material by casting, e.g. through sieves or in water, by atomising or spraying atomising using a fluid
ZA770320A 1976-01-30 1977-01-19 Apparatus for making metal powder ZA7700320B (en)

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US05/653,693 US4025249A (en) 1976-01-30 1976-01-30 Apparatus for making metal powder

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ZA7700320B true ZA7700320B (en) 1977-11-30



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ZA770320A ZA7700320B (en) 1976-01-30 1977-01-19 Apparatus for making metal powder

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