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Installation tool apparatus


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Caro C De
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Textron Inc
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    • B25B23/00Details of, or accessories for, spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers
    • B25B23/02Arrangements for handling screws or nuts
    • B25B23/04Arrangements for handling screws or nuts for feeding screws or nuts
    • B25B23/045Arrangements for handling screws or nuts for feeding screws or nuts using disposable strips or discs carrying the screws or nuts
ZA765315A 1975-11-17 1976-09-07 Installation tool apparatus ZA7605315B (en)

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US05/632,676 US4018254A (en) 1975-11-17 1975-11-17 Installation tool apparatus

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ZA7605315B true ZA7605315B (en) 1977-08-31



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ZA765315A ZA7605315B (en) 1975-11-17 1976-09-07 Installation tool apparatus

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