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New 2,4-benzoxazepine derivatives


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ZA7303262B ZA733262A ZA7303262A ZA7303262B ZA 7303262 B ZA7303262 B ZA 7303262B ZA 733262 A ZA733262 A ZA 733262A ZA 7303262 A ZA7303262 A ZA 7303262A ZA 7303262 B ZA7303262 B ZA 7303262B
South Africa
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benzoxazepine derivatives
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L Fontanella
L Mariani
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Lepetit Spa
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    • C07D267/00Heterocyclic compounds containing rings of more than six members having one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom as the only ring hetero atoms
    • C07D267/02Seven-membered rings
    • C07D267/06Seven-membered rings having the hetero atoms in positions 1 and 3
ZA733262A 1972-06-23 1973-05-15 New 2,4-benzoxazepine derivatives ZA7303262B (en)

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IT2611072 1972-06-23

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ZA7303262B true ZA7303262B (en) 1974-04-24



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ZA733262A ZA7303262B (en) 1972-06-23 1973-05-15 New 2,4-benzoxazepine derivatives

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GB1090611A (en) * 1963-05-22 1967-11-08 Lepetit Spa 4,1-benzoxazepine derivatives

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