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Segmented thermoplastic copolyesters


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    • B29C49/00Blow-moulding, i.e. blowing a preform or parison to a desired shape within a mould; Apparatus therefor
    • B29C49/0005Blow-moulding, i.e. blowing a preform or parison to a desired shape within a mould; Apparatus therefor characterised by the choice of material
    • C08G63/00Macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions forming a carboxylic ester link in the main chain of the macromolecule
    • C08G63/66Polyesters containing oxygen in the form of ether groups
    • C08G63/668Polyesters containing oxygen in the form of ether groups derived from polycarboxylic acids and polyhydroxy compounds
    • C08G63/672Dicarboxylic acids and dihydroxy compounds
ZA724652A 1971-08-19 1972-07-06 Segmented thermoplastic copolyesters ZA7204652B (en)

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US17323071A true 1971-08-19 1971-08-19

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ZA7204652B true ZA7204652B (en) 1973-04-25



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ZA724652A ZA7204652B (en) 1971-08-19 1972-07-06 Segmented thermoplastic copolyesters

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