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Continuous casting mould


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South Africa
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continuous casting
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J Bower
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Uss Eng & Consult
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    • B22D11/00Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths
    • B22D11/04Continuous casting of metals, i.e. casting in indefinite lengths into open-ended moulds
    • B22D11/055Cooling the moulds
ZA717100A 1970-11-02 1971-10-25 Continuous casting mould ZA7107100B (en)

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US8584870A true 1970-11-02 1970-11-02

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ZA7107100B true ZA7107100B (en) 1972-07-26



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ZA717100A ZA7107100B (en) 1970-11-02 1971-10-25 Continuous casting mould

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