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Systems and processes for applying heat transfer labels


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South Africa
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James Paul Lorence
Jeremy Bockmuller
Richard L Cevera
John A Charny
William Lewis Cone
Liviu Dinescu
Nick Mcclellen
Richard D Pastor
Craig William Potter
Richard A Previty
Mitchell J Rackovan
Shawn Ross
Daniel J Savident
Richard W Sheldon
Osman N Tanrikulu
Mark James Wyatt
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Avery Dennison Corp
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    • B65C9/00Details of labelling machines or apparatus
    • B65C9/20Gluing the labels or articles
    • B65C9/24Gluing the labels or articles by heat
    • B65C9/00Details of labelling machines or apparatus
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ZA2011/02241A 2007-04-05 2011-03-25 Systems and processes for applying heat transfer labels ZA201102241B (en)

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US29915110P true 2010-01-28 2010-01-28
PCT/US2010/043343 WO2011017083A2 (en) 2009-07-27 2010-07-27 Systems and processes for applying shrink labels
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PCT/US2010/061272 WO2011093958A1 (en) 2010-01-28 2010-12-20 Method and systems for applying heat transfer labels

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ZA201102241B true ZA201102241B (en) 2013-01-30



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ZA2011/02241A ZA201102241B (en) 2007-04-05 2011-03-25 Systems and processes for applying heat transfer labels

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