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Holder for bands of protective full respiration mask


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respiration mask
protective full
full respiration
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W Goerner
H Schurig
R Mueller
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Medizin Labortechnik Veb K
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    • A62B18/00Breathing masks or helmets, e.g. affording protection against chemical agents or for use at high altitudes or incorporating a pump or compressor for reducing the inhalation effort
    • A62B18/08Component parts for gas-masks or gas-helmets, e.g. windows, straps, speech transmitters, signal-devices
    • A62B18/084Means for fastening gas-masks to heads or helmets
YU47480A 1979-02-22 1980-02-21 Holder for bands of protective full respiration mask YU47480A (en)

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DD21117479A DD141111B1 (en) 1979-02-22 1979-02-22 Mounting for the modification of resistant masks

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YU47480A true YU47480A (en) 1983-02-28



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YU47480A YU47480A (en) 1979-02-22 1980-02-21 Holder for bands of protective full respiration mask

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YU (1) YU47480A (en)

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CS237204B1 (en) 1985-07-16
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