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Scalable flow and congestion control in a network


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    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/25Rate modification upon detection by the source of changing network conditions
    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/11Congestion identification
    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/12Congestion avoidance or recovery
    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/21Flow control or congestion control using leaky bucket
    • H04L47/00Traffic regulation in packet switching networks
    • H04L47/10Flow control or congestion control
    • H04L47/21Flow control or congestion control using leaky bucket
    • H04L47/215Token bucket


A method of performing congestion management in a network includes monitoring a congestion status at a switch in the network. It is determined at the switch that the congestion status indicates that there is congestion at the switch. Based on the congestion being related to data received at the switch from a source at a first rate, a first message is transmitted from the switch to the source requesting the source to send the data at a second rate that is slower than the first rate. Based on the congestion being related to data requests received at the switch from a destination at third rate, a second message is transmitted from the switch to the destination requesting the destination to request the data at a fourth rate slower than the third rate.
PCT/IB2014/059459 2013-03-15 2014-03-05 Scalable flow and congestion control in a network WO2014141006A9 (en)

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US13833952 US9444748B2 (en) 2013-03-15 2013-03-15 Scalable flow and congestion control with OpenFlow
US13/833,952 2013-03-15

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WO2014141006A1 true WO2014141006A1 (en) 2014-09-18
WO2014141006A9 true true WO2014141006A9 (en) 2014-12-18



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PCT/IB2014/059459 WO2014141006A9 (en) 2013-03-15 2014-03-05 Scalable flow and congestion control in a network

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