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A method for making space compression, time dilation machine (20), depending on the known principles of space contract, and accompanied time dilation, in addition to a new assumption, that space and time are wavy, if the 3-diemsnions of space are compressed, the 4th-dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves. A six faces of a cone (27), made from a highly concentrated gamma rays layers (26), are created, by emitting rays through convex lenses sets (25), to create the cone (27), wherein the gamma rays passing the cone (27), are reflected by concave mirrors (28) again towards the layers (26), while the whole cone (27) is compressed by the curved space, in-between compressed facing magnets (30) with similar poles, then compressing the cone (27) inward, compresses the space enclosed by it, and dilate the time.



Technical Field of Invention

This invention relates to a local spacetime compression inside a time travel machine, to carry out time dilation for civil purposes.

Background Art

The concept of time travel is related to moving in-between two points of time, either forward or backward, like moving in-between two points in space, in another way to move ahead in time to the future, or backward to the past.

Even the idea of time travel is not new, the human thinking about it, is connected with a machine called time machine, appeared after machineries industry appeared, thinking that if the machine achieved carrying out many tasks, it is expected that a special kind of a specific machine can achieve time travel.

The drawbacks of the special relativity, and the general relativity, took the human thinking about time travel further forward, so different ideas were put to achieve time travel, not locally on the earth, but far in the space through black holes in high gravitational potentials, punched in the space-time, warm holes, topping relatively the speed of light, closed timelike curves (worldlines), which are closed loops of time.

Anyway, these ideas are imaginary, and not in hands. The only time travel for matter, achieved by the human being, is for atomic particles inside atomic accelerators, were the particles top up relatively the speed of light, showing time dilation.

A recent invention titled a method for gravity distortion and time displacement , filed by Marlin B. Pohlman under patent publication No.: US 2006/0073976 A1, is aiming to create space-time curvatures (distortion) by the formation of Godel- type geodesically complete space-time envelops complete with closed timelike curves.

It seems that the human thinking about time travel, is still governed by their desires and imaginations, and not governed by a deep understanding of time dilation, which is not a time travel to the future or to the past, it is an interaction in-between a matter owning four dimensions, with space-time owning four dimensions too, in condition that the matter is moving through this space at a relative speed of light.

But since achieving the speed of light via the available tools, or even through those expected to be produced on the future according to the human available capabilities, is still beyond the expectation of the human beings, they tried to find a way for another solutions, which pushed them far away from the location where they should think deeply to find a solution.

Meaning that, there was no attempt to think deeply, how the space-time, interacts with the matter, while it is moving through it, at a relative speed to the speed of light, if this interaction can be clarified, and understood, it may be can be recreated in the laboratory against any available matter, which will be forced to enter into a time dilation situation.

How to understand and clarify that interaction, should be based at first on simple natural principles, then a space-time machine could be manufactured, to achieve the time dilation, this is how this invention tried to provide a time dilation machine.

Such a time dilation, would not take the human beings into the future or to the past, but it will slow the time on the enclosed matter, which lead to a vast scientific and economical benefits.

Disclosure of Invention

Brief Description

A method for making space compression, time dilation machine, depending on the known principles of space contract, and accompanied time dilation, in addition to a new assumption, that space and time are wavy, if the 3-diemsnions of space are compressed, the 4th -dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves.

A six faces of a cone, made from a highly concentrated gamma rays layers, are created, by six gamma rays emitting rays through convex lenses, to create the cone, wherein the gamma rays passing the cone are reflected by concave mirrors again towards the layers, while the whole cone is compressed by the curved space in-between compressed facing magnets with similar poles, then compressing the cone inward, compresses the space enclosed by it, and dilate the time.

Brief Description of the Drawings:

FIG. 1: Illustrates a 3-dimensional view, for the wavy three space dimensions with the wavy time vertical to them.

FIG. 2: Illustrates a 3-dimensional view, for the wavy three space dimensions expanded, with the wavy time compressed.

FIG. 3: Illustrates a 3-dimensional view, for the wavy three space dimensions compressed, with the wavy time elongated (dilated).

Fig. 4: FIG. 2: Illustrates a two wavy times, starting at the same moment, and ending at the same moment, but each one is in a different frame of reference.

Fig. 5: FIG. 2: Illustrates a two waves passing from under a pendulum arm. • Fig. 6: Illustrates a three dimensional sketch for multi gamma rays focuses, focused by multiple lenses sets.

• Fig. 7: Illustrates a sketch for a concave mirror, reflecting back the gamma rays, that passes the gamma rays focuses.

• FIG. 8: Illustrate a three dimensional exploded view for the 1st part of the machine arrangement.

• FIG. 9: Illustrate a three dimensional exploded view for the 2nd part of the machine arrangement.

Detailed description for carrying out the invention:

Even through prior 25 different PCT patents applications in other arts, for the inventor of this invention, made him understand the conventional rules... how to right a detailed description of an invention, he is obliged here to write in a different way, for the following reasons:

1- The clarifications and explanations, related to the interaction in-between the space-time and a matter moving through it, seems never to be handled either the publically, or only in the scientific societies.

2- These clarifications are only handled by the inventor of this invention through his prior books, which are not yet become well-known for the others, to be a traditional or reachable type of science, which means it should be rewritten here, before writing about the technical features of the invented machine, so the inventor here will introduce for how to build technically the machine, by clarifying the principles and theories on which he based his design.

So, the first explanatory part of the text, is written according to the scientific interpretation, that was written in a book authorized in Arabic at 2007 by the inventor of this machine, the English translated title of that book is: God Created The Heavens And Will Roll It Back Like a Scroll, in addition two other English books, for the same author (inventor here):

1- Universe Revealed More - Continuing Einstein's Revolution, 2009.

2- New Principles In Space Time Travel, 2009. The topics to be covered here, are related to how the space-time acts through: A- gravity, B- space-time compression.


Is the fall of Newton's apple was due to gravity's attractive force? Or was it because of the pressure of the space?

Newton's gravity is an attractive force towards the earth's center, Einstein's gravity, is a push of the elevator, accelerating at an acceleration, that equals the gravity acceleration, towards a person's feet, inside the elevator, who feels the same feeling of pressure on his feet, same as a person feeling it, when he is standing over the surface of the earth, so for Newton it is an attraction towards the earth, for (Einstein) it is pulling outwards of the earth.

For the inventor here, gravity is a push by the fabric of the cosmos pressure on us, or on the apple, or anything having a mass, from up towards the center of the earth, so if it is for Newton pulling from up to down, for Einstein pushing from down to up, it is for the inventor here is a pushing pressure from up to downward.

Meaning that since the space is surrounding the earth from all sides, its pressure is responsible for pushing us back towards the earth from all its sides, so from under the earth, the fabric of the cosmos (space) is pushed down, due to the pressure of the earth's mass, the fabric of the cosmos will have a reaction force upwards towards the earth's lower surface, this force will keep us held at the lower surface of the earth, while at the upper side of the earth, the fabric of the cosmos lies by its weight over it, that is to mean it is filling the curvature gap over the earth, so it will make extra pressure over those who are over the earth, the reason why they are kept fixed on the earth upper surface.

So, gravity is a pressure on the earth's surface, coming from the space over us, towards the earth's center. This means that the pressure of the fabric of cosmos pushed the apple down, and since it is surrounding the spherical earth from all sides, it pushes anything lying inside its curvature towards the earth's center. Also this fabric of the cosmos is preventing bodies having mass, from continuing in penetrating it upwards, unless they have a higher take off velocity, when a stone is thrown up, it consumes its kinetic energy in penetrating through this fabric of the cosmos, as it consumes its energy its velocity decreases, until it reaches a point where it has no penetration energy, there, the fabric of the cosmos pushes it, or return it down to the earth's surface, so the energy of the stone spent on the fabric of the cosmos, is returned back to it.

Even the projectiles angle is pointing up from the horizontal, the fabric of the cosmos keeps pushing them down while it is penetrating it, until its angle with horizontal becomes zero, there it starts changing its angle to negative, while it is pushed back towards the earth.

It is known from Fluid Mechanics, that the pressure at any point of a column of fluid is calculated as the following: At precise point, Density of the fluid (p) multiplied by the acceleration of gravity (g) multiplied by the fluid column height (h) = fluid pressure (P) at that point.

Also it is known that, fluid pressure - force divided by area (cross sectional area of the column). This means that for a cube volume of water, which has 1 ,000,000 liters of water, its weight of water = 10,000,000 Newtons, since the surface area of the basement of this cube = 100 square meters, the water pressure on this area equals to P1=100 KN/ m2, that result came by dividing the weight of water, on the surface area of the cube lower surface. If the pressure of water on an area of 50 m2 of the cube lower surface is calculated, its the weight of the water column over the lower surface = 5000,000 Newton divided on an area of 50 square meters, then the water pressure on this area P2 = 100 KN / m2. If the pressure over an area of 10 square meters, of the lower surface of the cube, is calculated, the pressure = 100 KN / m2. This means that a fixed rate of fluid pressure, on any unit area under it, is the same.

According to other interpretations by the inventor, in his books, it is concluded that since that the space is acting as a fluid, this means that the space is putting the same pressure, over any area under it, at the same height, with same density, relatively, there is a pressure equivalence between different areas on the earth.

Furthermore, if there are different blocks, with different masses and sizes of the same material, but having the same shape, such as two cubes of different masses M1 > M2 at the same height, and they are let to fall down freely, the fabric of space wouldn't care about the difference on the blocks masses, because it has the same pressure over each cross sectional area of each block, then since the Pressure = Force / Area, the first block will have P1= F1 / A1, while the second block will have P2= F2 / A2, since P1= P2, then F1 / A1 = F2 / A2. If A1 > A2, for the equation to be equal, F1 must be bigger than F2 in the same ratio that A1 is bigger than A2, that is F1/F2= A1/A2.

This means the small mass, gets small force, while the big mass gets a big force, these equalities and relativities, make an equivalence in the pressure over both masses, so they move in the same speed, and reach at the same time, that is to say: if the larger mass has an area equals five times the area of the small one, the space deals with the bigger mass, as 5 separate areas, each equals the area of the small one, giving it the same amount of force, same as the small one, it is nearly the same of having six masses, having the same area (5 from the big + 1 small), so the space gives all of them, the same pressure, same force, so they get the same velocity, and reach the same point, at the same time, this is related to the equation F= ma, (force equals mass multiplied by acceleration) so since F1= m1.a1 , F2= m2.a2, while F1 > F2, in the same ratio that m1> m2, then a1 should equal to a2. This equality in accelerations for all falling masses over earth's surface, is what appeared to Newton as the acceleration of gravity (g), actually it is the acceleration of masses, resulting from the space pressure equivalence.

The great result here, is that the space, is dealing with any mass of any specified element, or compound, as an area made of smaller and smaller areas, so it divides them to the lowest Planck areas, and carry out its pressure over these Planck areas, each one separately from the other, either it is connected to it, or separated from it, meaning that the mass that was five times the area of the small one, got the same pressure for each area of it, that is equaling the smaller mass area, and even when they are connected to make five masses, or six, they still get the same pressure for each unit area, that is because each unit area, has one column of space pressure, 2 areas gets two columns, the result will be 2 / 2 = 1, three areas gets three columns of fabric of cosmos, the result is 3 / 3 = 1, but always for each Planck area, there is one Planck column of space, all Planck masses welded or separated has equivalent acceleration, and will reach at the same time. So a block of 100 units Planck, areas will have 100 space columns, a block of 1000 unit Planck areas, will have 1000 Planck columns, the space column will take care about its concerned Planck unit area, not about what other areas near it, either it is forming with it one mass, or it is part of another mass.

When Galileo threw two different sizes and masses blocks, in the same moment, from over Pisa tower, it was found that these blocks arrived the surface of the Earth at the same time, so he has found that the acceleration of gravity is equal for both of those two blocks, this is called the principle of equality (equivalence principle). When Albert Einstein claimed that the person in the elevator is accelerating up, with the same earth's gravity acceleration, will feel the same or equivalent feeling, to a person standing on the earth's surface, it is called also the principle of parity or equality.

Here, it will be explained by the inventor, why Einstein reached that result, in a fabric of the cosmos, in the space, where the curvature is nearly zero, the human body inside a stationary elevator, will make nearly zero curvature in this fabric, so the pressure of the space on the body, will be equal from all sides, but once this elevator starts accelerating up, the person's body will start forcing this fabric up, the fabric will cross his body downwards, so if the elevator is accelerating up in an acceleration equals that of gravity, the fabric of cosmos will force the person's body downwards, in an acceleration, equals that of the gravity, this fabric of cosmos, will make a reverse backwards or downwards pressure on the person, it will appear as a feeling of pressure on the feet of this person, equals that caused by gravity at the earth surface, or for the inventor here, equals the fabric of cosmos column weight over the earth's surface.

If P= pgh = F / A, P = pgh = m.a / A, since g = a. then: pgh= m.g / A, m / A = ph, m= phA, meaning at Planck level, a mass of a matter is specified by the density of the space, and its height, and Planck's cross sectional area.

Thus, there is equality between large and small block, as the large mass has a big force, it has a big area preventing it from penetrating the space, while the small mass even it has a small mass to help it in penetrating, it get smaller force that helps in penetrating the space, in total, both masses have equal pressure, making them penetrate at the same speed.

Time dilation and the Wavy Time According to general relativity, the space-time, curves, bends, stretches under mass or energy. In such a situation, the question is: if a particular space-time is lying under a mass (star, sun, or plaint) or energy, since it can be known how the shape of space will curve, how will the shape of a curved time is to be known? The question was answered partially according to Gravitational time dilation, which is saying that time will pass at different rates in regions of different gravitational potentials, the higher the gravitational potential (closer to the center of a massive object), the more slowly clocks run. Albert Einstein originally predicted this effect in his theory of relativity, and it has since been confirmed by tests of general relativity. This has been demonstrated, by noting that the atomic clocks, at differing altitudes (and thus different gravitational potentials) will eventually show different times. The effects detected in such experiments are extremely small, with differences being measured in nanoseconds. That is to mean, the clock at the sea level, will tick slower than the one at the top of a mountain, because the gravitational potential is stronger at the mountain bottom side.

But again, even gravitational potential affects the time, but it did not tell us what the shape of the time is scientifically!

Let us go to the basics, understanding that the constant speed of light was the reason why Einstein discovered time dilation, if delving in the thought experiment done to understand how time dilates, the shape of time may be predicted.

The laws showing time dilation, depended in a thought experiment, saying that if you are on the surface of the earth, holding a clock in your hand, while you can see a space ship moving inside the space, having a clock inside it, where this clock is designed so that light is moving vertically, up and down in-between two mirrors, each time the light moves from the lower mirror, hits the upper mirror, and is then reflected down to the lower mirror, the time that takes the light to cross this distance, up and down, is calculated, by an observer inside the space ship, but since the space ship is moving, and the inner observer inside it is not feeling, that affecting the up-down track of light, he will not have any doubts about the correctness of his time measurement. That is because the speed of the clock assembly relative to him is zero. But if the observer on the earth, uses the same technique that the space ship observer used, that is speed of light = distance / time, in other words time = distance / speed of light, the distance item required to manipulate calculation here, to measure the time, is not equal to that distance between the two mirrors, which is measured by the inner observer, why? Since, there is a relative speed in-between the outer observer, and the space ship, also this same relative speed, will be between the clock assembly track, and the outer observer, so for the outer observer if the spaceship is moving from left to right, he will not see the track of light vertically up down, between the two mirrors, because during the time the light moves from the lower mirror towards the upper one to touch it, the space ship will move a distance forward, the light will not be left vertical behind, but it will move up and forward with it, until reaching the upper mirror, this means that the track of the light will stretch and bend, in another way, the crossed distance by the light, will be more, since the speed of light is constant, the time = distance / c (300,000 km/s), will mean that the observer on the earth, will measure a bigger time in-between each light cycle, meaning he will measure a longer time interval for the light to take from down-up-down in-between the mirrors. If each time the light touches the upper mirror is calculated as one click, this means compared to the same clock, an assembly near him at the surface of the earth, he will measure longer time in-between clicks for the space-ship clock, what does this mean?

It means that from his point of view, his local clock will tick faster than the space-ship clock, or the space ship clock will tick slower; that means the light track became longer, the light will take more time to move in-between the mirrors to make a click.

But the important thing here to note, is that the measuring of time in the space, depends on two factors, speed of light, and distance. While in our mechanical clocks, the time is measured using a needle moving a distance between two points, were the speed of movement of the needle between the two points, is synchronized against a reference constant speed of the needle, meaning that, if in a clock the distance between the two points is 1 cm, and the time to be in-between them equal one second, this means the speed of the needle needs to be 1 cm/s, for a bigger clock having the distance between the two points 1 m, if the needle is required to tick 1 s in- between these two points, the speed of the needle must be 100 cm/s. Or 100 times faster than the speed of the needle in the small watch. This means that the distance is a parameter, used to calculate time, but in space-ships, the speed of light is not increased with the space ship when the light tick in-between mirrors in the moving space-ship, so while the speed of the needle in our local mechanical clocks is changed, the speed of light is not changed, when the distance increased in-between the mirrors as observed by the earth observer, fixing the speed of light, needs much more time for the ticks to happen.

So in atomic clocks inside moving spaceships, since the speed of light and distance is the parameters used to measure time, and since speed of light is a fixed known constant, this means that this known parameter, is not the one we need to bother about in our calculations of the time, the important parameter is the distance.

That is, if the space dimensions have shapes, or their shapes can be imagined, and as the distance is a space dimension, and as the time is a reflection of a distance, which is a space dimension, this means that the shape of distance dimension, which is used in measuring time, is reflecting the shape of time.

Since measuring the time of the atomic clock, in the spaceship, by the earth observer, required from him to measure the distance the light crossed in- between the mirrors, and since he cannot measure this distance without measuring the length the track of light took, and since the geometry of the track taken is the only shape that helps in measuring the distance directly, or in-other wards time in-directly, this mean that the geometry is reflected to time. So if a track of the light is drawn in-between the mirrors, inside the spaceship, its geometry will be found as a wave, further if the 0 time is taken as a start when light is at the middle distance between the mirrors, and the cycle of time is supposed to be specified by a track of light from the middle distance, to the upper mirror, to the lower mirror, and back to the same point in the middle distance, where it started taking its direction up, the shape drawn will be purely a wave, so this distance dimension which is actually a time, is having a wave form, same as the moon's month, daylight and night, earth's year, where all of them are distance waves, or time waves.

So when the clock needle crosses 1 mm in-between two sequential points, 1 second passed, when the clock needle complete one cycle e.g. circumference of the clock (1000 mm) it is not said that the needle crossed 1,000 mm distance, but it is said 1 minute passed, it is the same for atomic clocks inside moving spaceships, it should not be said a distance of (?) passed, it should be said one cycle of time passed, that is when the spaceship speed is known, finally time will be measured only by the number of waves appearing, regarding whatever calculations and synchronization.

So light track, is a wavy natural clock, that is used to measure time, if it is moving inside a moving frame, the time ticks will slow, while it is also slowing, when the gravitational potential is high, so if there is a connection between light and time, and there is a connection between gravity and time, is there a connection between light and gravity.

Since the time of (Newton) it was understood that giant stars' gravity, affects everything, even light. Today in physics, light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation, of a certain wavelengths, originating from a source, placed in a region of strong gravitational field, will be found to be of longer wavelength, when received by an observer, in a region of weaker gravitational field. If applied to the optical wave-lengths, this manifests itself, as a change in the color of the light, as the wavelength is shifted towards the red (making it less energetic, longer in wavelength, and lower in frequency) part of the spectrum. This effect is called gravitational red shift, and other spectral lines found in the light, will also be shifted towards the longer wavelength, or "red," end of the spectrum. This shift can be observed along the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

This is same like if a wavy spring, is imagined to be elongated from the surface of the sun towards the earth, the spring will be found compressed more in the sun side (higher gravitational potential), while elongated in the earth side, but for the light, since each wave length has a color, the waves if compressed or elongated will change their color also.

But, as it is known that light is made of electromagnetic waves, with distinguished frequencies. The question how the light waves lengths, get shorter near a gravitational field?

The only way to understand this conclusion, would be if the time itself was altered- if clocks at different points had different rates. This was precisely Einstein's conclusion in 1911. He considered an accelerating box, and noted that according to the special theory of relativity, the clock rate at the bottom of the box was slower than the clock rate at the top.

The changing rates of clocks allowed Einstein to conclude that light waves, change frequency as they move, and the frequency/energy relationship for photons, allowed him to see that this was best interpreted, as the effect of the gravitational field on the mass-energy of the photon. So gravity affects time, and time affects on light, but as the gravitational red shift is equivalent to a loss of energy of the photon. While in another detailed explanation gravity will affect on the mass-energy of the photon, the photon will expend more energy while getting out of a strong gravitational field, the loss of this energy, means the photon which has less energy, will shift towards a decrease in its frequency, and increase in its wave length.

From the inventor's point of view here, It will be looked to the issue from a mechanical point of view, since the inventor's point of view here is assuming that time is a wave, it can be concluded that as the spaceship speed increases, the light waves track will elongate in-between the mirrors, and hence the light waves will elongate, it will also be shifted to red, its frequency will decrease, while its wavelength will increase, in the same time, the wavy track of the light, which is considered as a time wave, will elongate, as it elongates, the time ticks will decrease, or time will slow down.

But it need to be known that, when the speed of the space ship increases, for the outer observer, the light waves will be compressed, or wavelengths shorten in the direction of the movement, while they elongate behind, this nearly compatible with a light moving towards a gravitational field, its frontal waves are compressed, while its waves behind are expanded as explained by Ooppler. In both cases, moving inside the spaceship forward, or moving towards a gravitational field, time slows down, further as the space ship speed increases, or as gravitational potential increases, the light is shifted towards blue, and the time slows down, where the slow down of time, gives the light waves the capability to shift towards blue, while keeping the speed of light constant. As the speed of light is constant, even the light waves are elongated; the speeds of the photons stay the same, so the photons will get more time to cycle in-between the mirrors.

The core question now: what is slowing the light clocks? in another way, what is the medium or mechanism interacting with the light to make it slow down its clocks?

Since it is known that space-time curves, bends, stretches and wave, as a result, it should be understood, that it should be compressible.

When such understanding is concluded depending on the Doppler phenomena, it need to be known that while moving through any medium, waves are compressed ahead, and expanding behind. So according to general relativity which is requiring a flexible space-time, or fabric of the cosmos, this space-time is the medium that interact with light, to slow down its clocks.

So for a wavy light, wavy space (fabric of cosmos) and wavy time, or wavy light-space-time, to delve more in the relation between wavy time and light with wavy space; it need to be known, in the relation connecting wavy time and wavy light with the gravity (that resemble curved space), it need first to be noted that while a light photon is getting out from a gravitational well, its compressed waves will expand, so the waves elongate and their frequency decrease, need to note more, that the speed of light is constant, that means if in a constant mass-energy space, a pattern of light has a frequency (x) and wavelength (y), this means when such a light leaves the surface of high gravitational potential, its frequency at the surface of the gravitational potential will be (n.x), where n>1, while its wavelength will be (m.y), where m<1. While the light starts leaving the surface, (n) will decrease and (m) will increase, that is because the speed of light must remain constant, this means the number of waves, or frequencies, it will do while it is near the gravitational well, will be more than it while it is far away, while its wavelength will also be shorter, when it is down, than when it is far away What is the relation between this and time?

If light is to pass a compressed space, and its wavelength is compressed to 1/2 , this means that the distance it crosses will be decreased to 1/2, since the light speed 300,000 km/s, this mean the light will cross 150,000 km in one second, but this violates the constancy of the speed of light, the only way for light to keep its speed constant through the 150,000 km distance, is to slow down its time, that is to make its clock tick 1/2 second instead of 1 second, so that 150,000 km / (1/2) =300,000 km/s

For the inventor here, high frequency of time means more time ticks or faster time, low frequency, means less ticks or less time. So in a gravitational well, light will have more frequency, and as result time will slow, in other words time will have less frequency in a gravitational well, as it moves up, time frequency increases, while light frequency decreases. Further the time wave lengths near the gravitational field, will be long, while for the light, will be short. In the case of the spaceship, as its speed increases, light in the direction of movement will be shifted to blue, and time will slow down, this means as the light is affected by the curvature of space, compressed in the direction of the spaceship, or compressed around the gravitational field, this means that light waves are affected by the space condition, this means that the fabric of the cosmos, is causing the light to shift towards red or blue, depending on whether it is compressed by a mass, energy or a spaceship moving inside it, or space expanding out of a gravitational field, or behind a moving space ship, plaint... this means the actual relationship is not between the light and gravity, but light is a messenger, that tells us what the relation is between space and time, actually it is like the following:

As space is compressed, time slows down, in other means, as space is compressed light contracts, as space expands, light waves expand, and as the compressed space waves shorten, and its frequency increases, while as a result time waves elongate and its frequencies decreases. It is a reversible relation.

So the relation between space and time is that, if one of it increases, the other decreases in the same ratio. There is a compensation between space and time, so that always the amount of space and time is constant, so space- time is like a clay, if the (three dimensional) space is lying (compact) in the x- axis, while the time is lying in the y-axis, if you press on space (x-axis), this will be compensated by an increase in the length of the (y-axis) time.

Mathematically, this is true, by referring to the special relativity,



Figure imgf000018_0001

For time dilation:

At' = 7 Δί for events satisfying Δ = 0

This shows that the time {At between the two ticks as seen in the frame in which the clock is moving (S'), is longer than the time (Δί) between these ticks as measured in the rest frame of the clock (S).

Length contraction: Δ = for events satisfying jf — Q .

This shows that the length { x of the rod as measured in the frame in which it is moving (S"), is shorter than its length (Δχ) in its own rest frame (S).

It is clear from these relations, that if (Δί*) increases by a factor that equals Ύ then (Δχ") decreases by a factor that equals

In another way, the time is dilated by the same factor, like that making the moving body dimensions contracted (or the space length contracts)

Geometrically to make this clearer in FIG. 1, the space is resembled as waves extended horizontally on the paper (x-axis), while the time is resembled as waves extending vertically along the page (y-axis).

The thick waves here are showing that the time will tick two times when crossing that width or size of space.

FIG. 2 resembles how time waves contracts, when space (space waves) expand (stretch), while FIG. 3 shows how time waves expand when space contract, or compressed due to a mass, energy, or space ship moving towards it, and pressing on it.

Note in the wavy space-time FIG. 2 here, the number of space and time waves stayed the same, but due to the stretching of the space, the waves' length of the space increased, but compared to that in FIG. 1 its frequency decreased, while the time waves in FIG. 2 are compressed, so its frequency increased, the thick waves show that the number of time waves, crossing a width or size of expanded space, increased.

All of this means: in space, where the effect of mass and energy on making a strong gravitational potential decreases, time must tick faster.

Now, let us watch in figure 3 how the wavy space-time, is affected, when space is compressed in a strong gravitational field, where mass, energy, or a moving space-ship, is pressing on the fabric of the cosmos (space) causing it to contract, we can see in the figure, that as the space contracts, for the same number of space waves, its contraction makes its frequency increases, compared to that in figure 2, passing same length of space, and so its wave length decreases, since time is connected with space and is vertical on it, pressing space is compensated by an expansion in the time waves, the expansion of time waves makes its length longer, while its frequency decreases compared to that in figure 2 .

In figure 3, where space waves are compressed, time waves expanded, the number of time waves crossing here the width or size of space, decreases, that is because its wave length increased, and its frequency decreased, as shown in thick color, time will tick 1 time and a half, or one cycle and a half while crossing the compressed space.

From all the mentioned before, the followings are concluded:

1- Time is proved to be wavy, depending on natural celestial bodies used to measure time, shape of light track in any natural geometrical shape moving in space, the reversible relation between it and space.

2- If a dimension can be identified by being vertical on any other dimensions, e.g. (y is vertical on x, z and y are vertical on x, all x, y, z are vertical on each other) hence here it is shown that all phenomena resulting from the light behavior, can only be explained, if time is a forth wavy dimension, vertical to our three dimensional space, when time is proved like this, to be vertical on our space's three dimensions, as shown by the last three figures, time is proved again to be a fourth dimension.

3- In the figures, it is seen how time waves which ticks (two-ticks) really ticked fast (3-ticks) when space is expanded, and ticked slowly when space is compressed, as in a strong gravitational field, that compresses light waves, that was only achieved when time is regarded to be a fourth wavy dimension, vertical to our 3-dimensional space.

4- When space is compressed, light waves are compressed and get shorter, this makes it cross a distance of 300,000 km in more than a second, but space compensate for light photons wavelength shortness, by slowing down the time as in figure 3.

- If a each wavy space-time of the gap, is ticking between points A, B one tick (FIG. 4), or making one time wave frequency, while the earth space- time, time wave tick between the same points A and B seventeen ticks, or seventeen time frequencies, so if two observers holding two clocks, the first is located in the space-time of the earth, while the second one is located in the space-time of the gap, both of them switched on their clocks at the same moment A, both of them switched off their clocks at the same moment B, then the Earth observer clock, will tick seventeen seconds, while the space-time gap observer clock, will tick one second, and so his time slowed down.

- Each wave in the time dimension, can tick one time, either it is a long wave, or a short wave, which means if an observer is located on the earth, and his clock ticks one second, for each space-time wave crossing his clock, while another wave observed by him, in the space appeared to tick every ten seconds, it means that the far time wave is longer than his local one by ten times, and the space (3-dimensions) that is including that time wave, is compressed to 1/10 of its actual length, so the time there is dilated and the space is contracted in the direction of motion.

Now the picture is more clear, for the same mentioned time waves, their lengths to be equal is not to measure it using a solid space dimension, but to deal with it first as a different dimension that can curve, elongate, have more or less wave frequencies, meaning that whether for a rope or light wave frequencies, two times can start from the same point, and reach the same point, even their actual lengths are different, that is because the longer one is curved more than the other, or its frequency is higher. The natural principle behind time dilation

Since matter, energy, electromagnetic radiation, heat, mass, gravity, air, atoms, quantum particles, cells, blood, nervous signals, heart beating, bacteria, sound, air, wind, heat, vibrations, movements, water, colors...etc thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs... are all contained within the space-time, and affected by both the space and time, they are contained in e.g.: cells that occupy space, and live a time inside the space, and its chemical and biological reactions are happening inside the space, following a specific timing, this means any change of space dimensions, will be accompanied by a change in the time dimension, and both will directly affect the dimensions of space and time, of the whole space-time of any matter included inside it.

As its shown before in figures (2, 3), that if the space is expanded, time is contracted, if the space is compressed, the space's length frequency is increased in the direction of movement, while the time frequency is decreased, then the time is slowed down (dilated).

This can explain scientifically the story of the seven Christian sleepers, that are mentioned in the history, as well as in more details in the Holy Quran, who were mentioned to sleep around 309 years, in the cave, but when they wake up, they did not feel they lived for this period, but felt they stayed sleeping for a daylight or less in the cave.

Since the space-time gap of the cave is containing whole of their bodies, papers, clothes, the dog, energy, electromagnetic radiation, heat, mass, gravity, air, atoms, quantum particles, cells, blood, nervous signals, heart beating, bacteria, sound, air, wind, heat, vibrations, movements, water, colors, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs... inside it; All these components' space became more wavy, and their time slowed down, this lead us to a conclusion, that our bodies are in whole and in part, until their Planck constituents are synchronized in their timing, to our local earth space timing, if we enter any other space-time, our bodies clocks in whole and in part, will slow down or accelerate their clocks, according to the occupied space-time timing, so it will be synchronized with it by the same factor of time dilation, while the spatial dimensions of our bodies will contract or expand, vibrate more or less depending on the new upper dimensional space-time, where in the case of the people of the cave, the slow down factor of time for their bodies, papers, clothes, dog, energy spatial, thermal, optical, acoustic, dynamics vibrations, electromagnetic radiation, heat, mass, gravity, air, atoms, quantum particles, cells, blood, nervous signals, heart beating, bacteria, DNA, cells chemical and biological processes, energy production, sound, air, wind, vibrations, movements, water, colors, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, beliefs, hunger... all slowed time, at a factor = total estimated normal sleeping hours for human beings / total hours in 309 years = 4.62 x 10 ~6.

So, for observers watching from outside the gap, will find that their hearts beat once every four days, and will find that their nervous signals, speed slowed from its average speed of 70 m/s compared to that in our local space-time, to 70 m per four days, or 0.002 m/s, and will see that the hair which grows in our faces at average 0.42 mm/day, or 47.4 ml 309 years, will grow on their faces only 0.14 mm per the 309 years, but that is when they are inside their gap of the space-time, and so the slow down in time will be general, and comprehensive for whole of their bodies.

So inside every Plank-quantum Planck part of the universe's matter, there is a clock, can be called Planck clock, or dark clocks, that are waved by the wavy space time, and tick according to the timing of the wavy space- time that crosses it, in the earth, these dark clocks inside our bodies, get the space-time crossing our dark clocks, while the earth is crossing the space at a speed of about 30 km/s, this is the same when you put your hand out of a window of an accelerating vehicle, the air will cross in- between your fingers, and so while the earth is carrying us through the space, the space-time will cross our dark clocks, and rotate it, if the speed of the earth increases, the dark matter (space-time) will be compressed more by the earth, and so the space frequency increases, while the time frequency decreases, and so our dark clocks will tick slower. If the earth's speed increased more, the space will be compressed more, and so the time frequency will be decreased more, then that time frequency crossing our earth's matter dark clocks will slow it down. All of this mean that when objects speed up to the speed of light, or when we are located inside a high gravitational field, the reaction between the dark matter and the dark clocks, results in a slow down of the Plank matter clocks.

To make this clearer, let us take the pendulum clock as example; suppose a pen is attached to the far end of the pendulum lever, and let the clock move forward on a wall, at a speed of 1 m/s, and suppose the pendulum moves one time between the two extreme upper ends inside the clock, and suppose the clock needle is making one rotation every second, not sixty seconds., now on the wall, within one second, the pen that is attached to the pendulum, will draw the one second cycle movement of the clock needle, as one wave per second, with 1 m length, if the speed of the clock motion across the wall is increased, to be 2 m/s, the pen will draw on the wall, one wave but with two meters length for each second, or for each cycle made by the needle of the clock. This means if the pendulum clock is to be moved at a speed of 1 m/s, it will make two waves or two seconds within two meters, while if it is moved with a speed of 2 m/s, it will make one wave or one second, within two meters, figure 5. Now let us do the reverse, let us make two waves of 2 m length cross the (pendulum lever) clock at a speed of 1 m/s, so that the lever will move, and then moves the clock's needle, how much will it tick? For sure it will tick two seconds. But if we make the 2 meters length wave crosses the (pendulum lever) clock at a speed of 2 m/s, so that the lever will move, and then moves the clock's needle, how much will it tick? For sure it will tick one second.

In FIG. 5, the first and second time waves have the same length in space, but even though, the frequency of the first one, will make the clock tick two times, while the frequency of the second one, will make the clock tick one time. This may give an explanation of why the electrons when accelerated in the nuclear accelerators, live more time, it is known that was explained according to the special relativity, because their times slow down, but here may it can be explained further, meaning that increasing the speed of the electron, elongated its time wave, and so its time wave frequency decreased, and so its life time wave slowed down, or ticked slower, or in another way, increasing its speed, made the space-time, compressed under its higher speed, and so the time waves crossing it with less frequency (slower time), which made the electron's clocks tick slowly.

Mass and energy

Mathematically, in a frame moving with a relative speed to the light speed, the mass is increased with the same ratio that the time is dilated, but how physically the measured mass increases?

No clear answer is provided yet by physicists.

Anyway, let us imagine what happen when a person gets out his hand, from the window of a speeding up vehicle, for sure he will feel that the air is increasingly pushing his hand backwards, let us imagine now a balance pan with the same area of the hand, is put behind the hand, for sure with speeding up of the vehicle, the pan will measure an increase in the weight of the hand, more than its actual mass, the reason is that the air is pushing back the hand, so we are measuring a mass of the air mass pressure force (remember F- m.a), rather than the actual hand weight. In the space, as the space density or concentration is less than that of air, and as it can penetrate our bodies, humans can not feel the push back of it against them or their materials, even when they to up the speed of sound.

But, if a matter, or a human body is moving with a speed relative to the speed of light, the body of the human body, even it will not block the penetration of space through it at the earth, at relative speeds to light speed, it will not be capable to pass all the space through it, because the flow rate is increased tremendously, to the degree that the space smallest quantum particles, against which the body smallest quantum particles are moving, hit each other, actually there will be a tremendous amount of space smallest quantum particles hitting the body smallest quantum particles, but as the body insists to move forward, it should try to push these tremendous particles, e.g if at a speed of 1 km/s a body quantum particle hits 1 space quantum particle, that can be drifted sideways through empty space in the body, from another way at a speed of 300,000 km/s, a smallest quantum particle in the body moving forward, will face 300,000 particles hitting it each second, these particles cannot be drifted to penetrate the whole empty space around the smallest quantum particle, so its passage will be blocked, meanwhile through the following seconds, minutes, and hours, millions, then billions then trillions of smallest quantum particles are accumulated and facing and pushing back against this body, so if a balance pan is put at its back, it will measure a tremendous increase in its weight, of this body, that is why the mass of it is increasing as it is moving in a relative speed to the light speed.

In the same, the energy spent to move a body mass, against this space, while it is moving at a speed relative to the speed of light, should be increases, because the mass is increasing tremendously.

As a result, since that body particles are included inside the space itself, the space push back against this body, will compress the body, to be flattened against the direction of its motion, the process is the same like when pushing a body against a wall, the body will become more flat and thinner, also a huge energy is required to push this body against the wall. In the same, the time dimension in the body will face a push by the time dimension waves of the space, which will make it elongate, to tick slowly.

Brief principles for machine's theory of operation 1- If the deep physical principle behind time dilation, is the compression of space, it means far away from compressed space in high gravitational fields in black holes, or at the surfaces of giant stars, or moving a body in a relative speed to the light speed, to compress its space dimensions, and elongate its time dimension, if the space-time can be compressed locally on the Earth around a body, inside a laboratory, or a machine, this will bring the time dilation to reality.- To curve or compress space-time, a theory should be based on creating the circumstances to compress it. Basically, as the space- time in a gravitational field is curving or compressing the light, the light can be used to curve or compress the space-time, how?

A pullet can penetrate a human being, but can a human being penetrate a pellet?

Yes, he can, if the pellet is changed to a powder cloud, the human body can pass through it.

A highly compressed air can pass through a human hand, but can the hand pass through the air?

Yes it can, if the air is not highly compressed or concentrated.

The principle here is that a material either fluid or solid, can pass through the other one, or even compress, or curve it, when it has a higher density, than the other one.

In the same, the a high gravitational field if changed to a low gravitational field like the one on the Earth surface, then a highly concentrated light with high frequency (like X-rays or gamma rays) can be concentrated tremendously, such that it compress or curve the week gravitational field.

- The general relativity great idea by Albert Einstein, was based on the idea of curved space, Einstein imagined that space is curved, depending on a natural phenomena, wherein the magnetic field around the magnet, is curved, and causing the attraction by the magnetic force, wherein the curved space around the magnet, creates curved lines that pull the metal towards the magnet.

So based, on this, a magnet can curve the space, without the need to move it in a relative speed to the light speed, or to make its mass considerably concentrated to create a high potential space-time. Method of making a space compression time dilation machine

The space compression time dilation machine 20 (SCTD machine) is to be designed, based on the three prior principles:

1- Compressing space, dilate time, 2- compressed electromagnetic waves (Gamma rays) 21 can curve space. 3- Electromagnetic field 22 is curving the space.

To create highly compressed gamma rays 21 (FIG. 6, 8), extremely small lenses 23 are to be made (further advance in Nano-technology, can create Nano- lenses), through these lenses 23 gamma rays 21 emitted from a gamma rays source 24, are to be passed, wherein a considerable sets of adjacent lenses 25, located in a plain near each other, can create a highly concentrated layer of gamma rays 26, another set of lenses 25, can forward there compressed gamma rays 21 vertically to an edge of the first layer 26 of gamma rays, creating another layer 26 of condensed gamma rays 21 , a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sets of lenses 25 can create a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth layers 26 of concentrated (high density gamma rays 21 layers 26, wherein the intersection of the gamma rays 26 passing the six sets of lenses 25, create at their intersection location, a cube 27 of space, enveloped by highly concentrated gamma rays 21.

Increasing the numbers of lenses sets 25, can increase the thickness of the gamma rays layers 26 to be like plates, and increase their energetic photons concentration.

Using a concave mirror strip 28 at a specific location (FIG. 7), facing the gamma rays layer 26, after passing the cube 27, will reflect back the gamma rays 21, such that if the concave mirror strip 28, is located to reflect the concentrated gamma rays 21 passing away from the layer 26, then the layer 26 of gamma rays 21 for that specific face of cube 27, will have a duplicated concentration, if a huge very then number of concave mirrors strips 28 are used adjacent to each other, with minor adjustment in there angles, through adjustable bases 29, they will create a huge number of gamma rays 21 for that face (layer) 26 of the cube In the same, if these mirrors 28 are applied to each face 26 of the cube 27, the cube 27 faces (gamma rays plates or layers) 26 concentrations (density), will be duplicated to hundreds of times, if Nano concave mirrors are used, the density of gamma rays 21 in each plate 26 can be duplicated to millions of times. To understand the benefits of this design, first let us imagine that there is five persons kicking a ball towards line B on a wall from line A, at different timings, but all should be done within a second, this means if also during this second, another five persons want to kick five balls in-between lines C to D, through the space located in-between lines A and B, there is a chance for one or more of the five balls kicked by the second five persons, to hit the other A-B balls, while the others may or may not find its way to point D.

Now imagine that the cross section area is decreased, and the number of balls in-between points A-B are increased, to millions of times, and its moved hence and forth in-between lines A-B, this absolutely means that the kicked balls from line C, will not find its way at all to point D, neither it can pass the first edge of the area located in-between lines A-B.

This is a physical example, showing how the space-time that is enclosed inside the cube 27, will find it difficult to pass out of the cube 27, because a high frequency, highly energetic photons of gamma rays 21, are creating a highly concentrated layer 26 of photons around the space-time.

Now, if the gamma rays sources 23, lenses 25, and mirrors sets 28, are moved such that the cube 27 faces 26 move towards the center of the cube 27, it means that these faces (layers or plains) 27 of gamma rays 21, will compress the enclosed space-time inside it, the compressed space-time will push also outwards against the cube 27 inner surfaces, trying to penetrate it out, but the gamma layers 21 will return it to inside, the space-time will try again to resist the compression, pressing in all directions of the gamma cube 27, such that the cube 27 inner surfaces will have a spherical shape.

To resemble the space contraction and time dilation, the compressed cube 27 dimensions are to be changed, such that while its height is decreased, its length and width dimensions are increased, this means that the compressed space-time inside the cube 27, is having its space dimensions flattened, while its time dimensions dilated, like when a body moving in a relative speed to the speed of light is flattened in the directions of its motion, and getting its time dimension elongated.

To provide the space inside the cube 27 with a further compression, either electromagnetic force, or conventional magnets 30 are to be used (FIG. 9), for simplicity, magnets 30 are to be used here, such that six magnets are installed facing the cube 27 faces 26, with their similar poles, this means if we tried to push these poles towards the faces of the cube 27, each two facing similar poles of each facing magnets 30, will repel each other, wherein actually the magnetic fields 22 are pushing back the magnets 30, but deeply, the curved space around each pole, repels and resists to be moved towards the curved space around the other facing magnet 30, as a result, the pushing of both magnets 30 against each other, will create more compression on the space in- between them.

Here, to push each magnet 30 against the other, while the space-time cube 27 is in-between them, the magnets 30 should be slided inside guides 31, either horizontally, or vertically either up or down, to create the highest push of the two magnets 30 against each other, the best selected force to do this, is the hydraulic force, using a hydraulic circuit 32, wherein a hydraulic piston-rod 33 pushes the magnet 30, to move through its guide 31, to compress its magnetic field 22 against the facing magnetic field, of another hydraulically pushed magnet 30, and so each two magnets 30 will compress strongly there magnetic fields 22 against each other, which means the compression of the magnetic fields 30, will compress the space-time strongly, and so the compressed space- time inside the cube 27, which is located in-between these magnets 30, will get extra compression, as a result space contracts, and time dilates.

Still the magnets can be further rotated. Note 1: The six adjustable bases 29 (not shown) supporting the gamma rays sources 23, and the lenses sets 25, are moved such that, the cone 27 height is decreased, and its length and width are increased, with whole compression on the created geometrical shape over the created shape, such that the space contracts, with accompanied time dilation, or in another way the 3-diemsnions of space are compressed, while the 4th-dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves.

Note 2: The control unit (34), is to be provided by data, about the time dilation ratio, and size of matter to be enclosed in the cone (27), to have time dilation, via a key board or touch screen... such that the control unit (34) controls the hydraulic circuit (32) to control amount of magnets (30) compression, and adjust conventionally the adjustable plates (29) to create the size of the compressed cone (27).

Industrial applicability:

1- A space compression time dilation machine made from available tools, parts, mechanisms, with applicable modifications.

2- Long-time conservation of all of what to be stored or protected, whether in a warehouse or a refrigerator... without any noticeable change in it at all. May be without the need for refrigeration, which is using harmful gases. The food, medicine, seeds... can be kept inside a compressed space dilated time gap or machine, after a year, if it is got back, it would be found aging only 1 minute or an hour...

3- All types of scientific researches, can be carried inside space-time gaps, where the results for which it need to be waited for months or years, can be achieved within seconds or minutes. That can be achieved inside a fast time space-time gaps, while in the slow time space-gaps, the time is slowed, so that we can observe and watch the chemical processes happening during time periods that are beyond the capability of our present devices.

4- Ambulances having space-time gaps, can be made, to keep the injured people, or people that may die within a short period, by slowing time on their bodies inside these space time gaps, so that they will reach the hospital, as if there were no distance or time crossed between the place, from where they were picked up. Furthermore, some sick people can be kept inside space-time gaps until getting the right medicine for them.

5- Some prisoners, can be punished by keeping them inside space-time gaps for years, this will save costs of keeping them in normal prisons, so their consumption, and expenses will be saved, and when they are released, they will find they are punished by losing their time, but their youth, and age is saved for their humanity rights.

6- It can be used as invisible space-time gaps, where secrets, money, valuables, cells... can be kept away from the eyes of the thieves or what e Parts Drawing Index:

20 SCTD machine.

21 Gamma rays.

22 Magnetic field.

23 Gamma rays source.

24 Lens.

25 Lenses set.

26 Gamma rays concentrated layer.

27 Cube.

28 Concave mirror.

29 Adjustable base.

30 Magnet block.

31 Guide.

32 Hydraulic circuit.

33 Piston-rod.

34 Electronic control unit


1- A method of space compression time dilation machine (SCTD machine) (20), comprising:
six sets of gamma rays (21) emitting sources (23);
six sets (25) of convex lenses (24);
six sets of concave mirrors (28);
six magnet blocks (30);
a hydraulic circuit (32);
six magnet guides (31);
six adjustable bases (29);
electronic control unit (34).
2- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1, wherein each one of the six gamma rays (21) emitters (23) with each one of the six sets (25) of convex lenses (24), are to be located such that after the rays pass through the mirror (28), it creates at its convergence (focuses) plain a face (26) of what is to be called a gamma ray cone (27).
3- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1, wherein each one of the six sets of concave mirrors (28), is to be facing one plain (26) of gamma rays (23), after it passes the created face of the cone (27), such that that set of mirrors (28), reflects back the gamma rays (21), towards the plain (26) of gamma rays (21) that is creating a face (26) of the cone (27).
4- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1, wherein each one the magnets (30) is to be installed slidably inside its guide (31), such that each magnet (30) is facing a face (26) of the cone (27), while facing from the other side a similar pole of a facing magnet (30).
5- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1, wherein the magnets (30) are pushed towards the cone (27), to compress the repel magnetic fields (22) lines, that are created in-between them, and as a result compressing the space- time on the cone (27).
6- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1, wherein the six adjustable bases (29), are moved such that, the cone (27) height is decreased, and its length and width are increased, with whole compression on the created geometrical shape over the created shape, such that the space contracts, with accompanied time dilation, or in another way the 3-diemsnions of space are compressed, while the 4th-dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves.
7- The SCTD machine (20) in claim 1 , wherein the control unit (34), is to be provided by data, about the time dilation ratio, and size of matter to be enclosed in the cone (27), to have time dilation, via a key board or touch screen... such that the control unit (34) controls the hydraulic circuit (32) to control amount of magnets (30) compression, and adjust conventionally the adjustable plates (29) to create the size of the compressed cone (27).
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