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Wireless sensor network access point and device rf spectrum analysis system and method


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Daniel Clifford Carlson
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    • H04B17/00Monitoring; Testing
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    • H04B17/309Measuring or estimating channel quality parameters
    • H04B17/318Received signal strength
    • H04B17/327Received signal code power [RSCP]
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    • H04B17/00Monitoring; Testing
    • H04B17/30Monitoring; Testing of propagation channels
    • H04B17/309Measuring or estimating channel quality parameters
    • H04B17/345Interference values
    • H04W24/00Supervisory, monitoring or testing arrangements
    • H04W24/08Testing, supervising or monitoring using real traffic
    • H04W84/00Network topologies
    • H04W84/18Self-organising networks, e.g. ad-hoc networks or sensor networks
    • H04W88/00Devices specially adapted for wireless communication networks, e.g. terminals, base stations or access point devices
    • H04W88/08Access point devices
    • Y02D70/142
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A system for measuring and analyzing radio frequency power proximate and within a wireless field device mesh network. A centralized software module (CSWM) collects and analyzes values from one or more wireless devices of the wireless field device mesh network representing received RF power measurements on an assigned RF channel and values representing corresponding times of the received RF power measurements. Each wireless device measures received RF power on the assigned RF channel at times other than during reception of a signal resulting in transmission by the wireless device of either an acknowledgment signal or a non-acknowledgement signal. Values representing the received RF power measurements and the corresponding times of the received RF power measurements are determined from the stored received RF power measurements and corresponding times and then discarded. These values are stored within the wireless device until successfully reported. A network manager coordinates communication between the wireless devices and synchronizes the corresponding times of received RF power measurement throughout the wireless field device mesh network.
PCT/US2011/062192 2010-11-29 2011-11-28 Wireless sensor network access point and device rf spectrum analysis system and method WO2012074900A3 (en)

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US12955072 US8737244B2 (en) 2010-11-29 2010-11-29 Wireless sensor network access point and device RF spectrum analysis system and method
US12/955,072 2010-11-29

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CA 2815376 CA2815376A1 (en) 2010-11-29 2011-11-28 Wireless sensor network access point and device rf spectrum analysis system and method
JP2013541068A JP5871944B2 (en) 2010-11-29 2011-11-28 Analysis system and method of the rf spectrum of the access point and the devices of the wireless sensor networks
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RU2013129000A RU2569314C2 (en) 2010-11-29 2011-11-28 System and method of analysing radio-frequency spectrum of access point and wireless sensor network device

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WO2012074900A2 true WO2012074900A2 (en) 2012-06-07
WO2012074900A3 true true WO2012074900A3 (en) 2012-08-23



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PCT/US2011/062192 WO2012074900A3 (en) 2010-11-29 2011-11-28 Wireless sensor network access point and device rf spectrum analysis system and method

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