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WO2009111676A2 PCT/US2009/036250 US2009036250W WO2009111676A2 WO 2009111676 A2 WO2009111676 A2 WO 2009111676A2 US 2009036250 W US2009036250 W US 2009036250W WO 2009111676 A2 WO2009111676 A2 WO 2009111676A2
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Tsutomu Akama
Yong-Kang Zhang
Charles Z. Ding
Jacob J. Plattner
Kirk R. Maples
Yvonne Freund
Virginia Sanders
Yi Xia
Stephen J. Baker
James A Niemann
Xiaosong Lu
Marcelo Sales
Rashmi Sharma
Rajeshwar Singh
Robert Jacobs
Daitao Chen
Michael Richard Kevin Alley
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Anacor Pharmaceuticals, Inc
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