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Electroporation ablation apparatus, system, and method


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WO2008101086A3 PCT/US2008/053973 US2008053973W WO2008101086A3 WO 2008101086 A3 WO2008101086 A3 WO 2008101086A3 US 2008053973 W US2008053973 W US 2008053973W WO 2008101086 A3 WO2008101086 A3 WO 2008101086A3
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    • A61B18/04Surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body by heating
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    • A61B18/14Probes or electrodes therefor
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    • A61N1/00Electrotherapy; Circuits therefor
    • A61N1/18Applying electric currents by contact electrodes
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    • A61B2018/00577Ablation
    • A61B18/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body
    • A61B2018/00571Surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body for achieving a particular surgical effect
    • A61B2018/00613Irreversible electroporation


A surgical instrument, such as an endoscopic or laparoscopic instrument, includes an ablation device. The ablation device includes an elongate relatively flexible member having a proximal end and a distal end, the flexible member includes at least a first working channel. A first and second electrode extends from a working channel at the distal end of the flexible member. The first and second electrodes are adapted to be endoscopically located in a tissue treatment region. The first and second electrodes are adapted to couple to an electrical waveform generator to receive an irreversible electroporation electrical waveform sufficient to ablate tissue located between the first and second electrodes.
PCT/US2008/053973 2007-02-15 2008-02-14 Electroporation ablation apparatus, system, and method WO2008101086A3 (en)

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US11706766 US7655004B2 (en) 2007-02-15 2007-02-15 Electroporation ablation apparatus, system, and method
US11/706,766 2007-02-15

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EP20080729871 EP2120758B1 (en) 2007-02-15 2008-02-14 Electroporation ablation device and system and method using such a device

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WO2008101086A2 true WO2008101086A2 (en) 2008-08-21
WO2008101086A3 true true WO2008101086A3 (en) 2009-02-12



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PCT/US2008/053973 WO2008101086A3 (en) 2007-02-15 2008-02-14 Electroporation ablation apparatus, system, and method

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US (6) US7655004B2 (en)
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WO (1) WO2008101086A3 (en)

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