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Electronic proportioning valve


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Jeffrey Belz
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    • G05D23/00Control of temperature
    • G05D23/01Control of temperature without auxiliary power
    • G05D23/13Control of temperature without auxiliary power by varying the mixing ratio of two fluids having different temperatures
    • G05D23/1393Control of temperature without auxiliary power by varying the mixing ratio of two fluids having different temperatures characterised by the use of electric means


An electronic proportioning valve (10) for connection to a cold water source (16), a hot water source (26) and a mixed water outlet (50) and for providing a mixed water (49) of a desired water temperature and flow rate to the mixed water outlet (50).
PCT/US2006/011532 2005-04-19 2006-03-29 Electronic proportioning valve WO2006113075A3 (en)

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US11109281 US7458520B2 (en) 2005-04-19 2005-04-19 Electronic proportioning valve
US11/109,281 2005-04-19

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CA 2601393 CA2601393C (en) 2005-04-19 2006-03-29 Electronic proportioning valve

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WO2006113075A2 true WO2006113075A2 (en) 2006-10-26
WO2006113075A3 true true WO2006113075A3 (en) 2007-12-13



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PCT/US2006/011532 WO2006113075A3 (en) 2005-04-19 2006-03-29 Electronic proportioning valve

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