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WO2002077183A2 PCT/US2002/009107 US0209107W WO02077183A2 WO 2002077183 A2 WO2002077183 A2 WO 2002077183A2 US 0209107 W US0209107 W US 0209107W WO 02077183 A2 WO02077183 A2 WO 02077183A2
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nucleic acid
gene product
group consisting
nucleotide sequence
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Liangsu Wang
Carlos Zamudio
Cheryl Malone
Robert Haselbeck
Kari L. Ohlsen
Judith W. Zyskind
Daniel Wall
John D. Trawick
Grant J. Carr
Robert Yamamoto
R. Allyn Forsyth
H. Howard Xu
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Elitra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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