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    • B01D47/00Separating dispersed particles from gases, air or vapours by liquid as separating agent
    • B01D47/02Separating dispersed particles from gases, air or vapours by liquid as separating agent by passing the gas or air or vapour over or through a liquid bath
    • B01D47/021Separating dispersed particles from gases, air or vapours by liquid as separating agent by passing the gas or air or vapour over or through a liquid bath by bubbling the gas through a liquid bath


The present invention relates to a gas scrubbing method that involves creating an interaction between the polluted gas flow and a liquid counterflow and carrying out an emulsion. The polluted gas flow, that swirls due to a tangential duct, is supplied to an annular slot in which the gas swirls in the opposite direction due to a vaned vortex generator, the liquid-gas mixture being further emulsified at a wide range of speeds. This method can be realised using a gas scrubbing device that comprises a body, a tangentially-mounted gas supply duct, a plate-type liquid doser mounted in the annular slot and a vaned vortex generator having a spin opposite to the supply duct. The outer ends of the vortex-generator trailing edges are provided above the inner edges that abut against the liquid doser. The supply duct of the gas purifier includes nozzles for flushing the dust deposits away as well as a flushing-water periodic supply system that operates due to the rarefaction in the gas line and ensures the blowing of the nozzles with atmospheric air. The body of the gas purifier is made in the shape of a regular prism, while the liquid doser is made in the shape of a polygon similar to the base of said prism.




The invention is available for the gas calculation from outside. livestock and gas-related toxic inclusions with the use of liquid in the quality of the cleaning agent can be used in energy. metallurgy. chemical technology and other industrial equipment.

The previous level of technology

The methods of calculating gases from the ash and sulfuric acid are known. concluded in the operation of the contaminated gas through a layer of liquid. Account for the use of foam devices with transmissive and portable vehicles with a source for dust and land collection. Before ρed. Α. Α. Buzanova. Μ. . Energomatism. 1983. p. 94-104).

The method is characterized by a relatively low level of gas discharge due to the high fumes due to the production of industrial gas. προ- χοdyashiχ with vysοκοy sκοροsτyu slοy zhidκοsτm. Ез Result of the small parts of the dust does not accelerate the separation of the phase for the period of the purchase of the foam layer. and the gaseous components are from the series. - - react with the reagent in the liquid phase.

A method of calculating gas was known. Including the supply of gas to the ilindricheskoe body of the gas meter. the gas inlet is supplied with a ready-to-use gas supply and if it is sold through the Colombian Shelf in Europe. The method is implemented in the device for a clean gas supply. after that, we’re waiting for the ilyo м gas and gas ducts. ρasποlοzhenny sοοsnο with κορπusοm over πaτρub- κοm ποdachi gas with οbρazοvaniem κοlievοy sheli πο οτnοωe- NIJ κ sτenκe κορπusa dοzaτορ οροshayushey zhidκοsτi with ρazmeshen- nοy cash HMM τρubοy for ποdachi οροωayushey zhidκοsτi, κοlievοy lοπaτοchny zaviχρiτel C a. from. СССΡ Ν 1212515. κl. Β 01 0 47/04. 1936).

The hassle and convenience of the device is low gas production and the degree of gas consumption due to the limitation of gas consumption at the outlet from the business. 5 m / s), instability of the foam layer.

The closest to the proposed invention is a method of conveniently calculating the gases and the facilities for its drying of the patent ΡΦ Ν 2086293).

The method is concluded in that. THEREOF DELIVERY OF STORED GAS FLOW TO THE ILINDRICAL CASING OF THE GAS-METER. Starting it up via a Kolgievskaya house, instead of a gas supply with a supplied gas supply in a wide range of gas sources.

The method is implemented in the device. sοleρzhashem iilin- dρichesκy κορπus, τangeniialnο usτanοvlenny πaτρubοκ ποd- vοda gazοv., κοaκsialny τaρelchaτy lοzaτορ οροshayushey zhil- κοsτm with ρazmeshennοy cash HMM τρubοy llja its ποdachi, ny lοπaτοch- zavmχρiτel, ρazmeshenny in κοlievοy shelm between dοzaτο- ΡΟΜ and sτenκοy κορπusa.

Most of the main disadvantages of the system and the device are the inconsistency of the distribution of low gas consumption.

Eτο προmsχοlmτ * and on account οlnοsτοροnnegο vvοla οchmshaemοgο gas κοτορy ΡСΤ / ΚυθΟ / 00125

Please pay attention to the higher amount of money received from the Colombian shell of the penal layer. Β mesτe ulaρa vχοdnοy sτρui gas in za- viχρiτel sο SΠUΤΗ.ΟY zaκρuτκοy ρasχοd gas znachiτelnο You are a Chez than οsτalnοy πlοshadm ωelm, vysοτa emulsmοnnοgο slοya maκsimalnaya and πρi Φορsiροvκe προiessa in zτοm mesτe προisχοdiτ οτρyv πennοgο slοya οτ zaviχρmτelya and προsκοκ neο- chishennοgο gas. In the case of industrial gas, the gas consumption is variable; An inconvenient way to equalize the flow rate significantly complicates the operation of the device .. it does not always result in an expected result. due to the increase in the rate of infusion of the foam layer for high consumption of cleanable gas and the increase in the rate of gas in the portable power supply. With this, the central forces. acting on the emulsion layer, it implements the casing wall, thereby increasing its height in the external temperature of the Kolkovo helm and decreasing in the internal one. This increases the possibility of discharging a pulsed layer of gas of uncleaned gas.

Otherwise, it is necessary to pay attention to and other dysfunctional systems and devices.

- Recognition of the services of the ash in the upper unit. κο- τοροе. in the event of an inconsistent ash incident with an emergency stop of a gas meter for clean-up. INSTALLATION OF DIFFERENT FLUSHING SORROWS WITH PERMANENT TRANSMISSION OF WAVE TO A LARGE OPERATION FOR SIGNIFICANT FLOWS OF FLUSHING WATER. and when it comes to cleaning up, it’s often overgrown with evil. not providing a good quantity of washing. - The utilization rate of the blade of the Kolyovskoy zavilichi - the body with a low profitability - it turned out a large metal ΒΒΜLU bad ΡСΤ / ΚШΟ / 00125

To remove the blade at the right place at the place where you need to get rid of the external and internal batteries of the charger. This is particularly important for the easy access to the blade from the liquefied titanium in connection with the aggressiveness of the best gases, for example, in energy. κ. Sustainable gas metering.

The invention of the invention

The task, at the solution of the short-term sent this method 7, is the working out of the way and the equipment for the low cost of gas.

The non-technical result of this invention is the removal of the equal amount of the entire amount of money;


- Exclusion of facilities for the ash in the inlet duct of the gas meter *

- Reduced labor costs and production of gas and gas .

The economic result is relieved by the fact that in the form of a waste gas. vκlyuchayushem ποlachu in κορπus gazοο- chisτmτelya zaκρuchennοgο gazοvοgο ποτοκa, προπusκanme egο che ρez κοlievuyu shel, vzammοdeysτvie zaκρuchennοgο gazοvοgο ποτοκa with ποlavaemοy προτivοτοκοm zhilκοsτyu in shmροκοm dmaπa- zοne sκοροsτey m emulgmροvanie in sοοτveτsτvii with izοbρeτe- nmem gazοvy ποτοκ in κοlievοy sheli zaκρuchivayuτ in προτivο - good condition.

The product is easy to use for ρсτ / κυοο / οοϊ 25

ΜΟΚΡΟY οchmsτκi gazοv, sοleρzhashem κορπus, τangenimalnο mlm χορlalnο usτanοvlenny πaτρubοκ ποlvοda gazοv, τaρelcha- τy lοzaτορ οροshaκshey zhmdκοsτi, ρasποlοzhenny sοοsnο with κορ- πusοm and οbρazuyushim with egο sτenκοy κοlievuyu shel with ρazmeshen- nym it lοπaτοchnym zaviχρiτelem, τρubu for ποdachi οροshayu- necks gas by-pass, due to the fact that gas by-pass is by-pass, gas by-product

With a commercially available gas meter, it is possible to use a few products with a suitable liquid, respectively. Β The unit is equipped with long external wirings for extending the rear of the unit, which are higher than the interior, which increases the volume by a factor of 2; Κροme τοgο in usτροysτve πaτρubοκ ποdachi gas snab- wives flush sοπlamm related cheshz κοlleκτορ and τρubοπ- ροvοl with siώοnοm, usτanοvlennοm in naπορnοm baκe and imeyushih ποπlavοκ, vzammοdeysτvuκshii with κlaπanοm for zaκρyτmya - οτ- κρyτiya IΜΠULSΗΟY τρuby, sοelmnennοy with τρubοπροvοdοm. ϋοποlniτelnο ΚΟΡΠUS gazοοchisτiτelya usτροysτva imeeτ Φορmu πρavmlnοy πρmzmy with κοlmchesτvοm bοκοvyχ gρaney of no less and it cheτyρeχ τaρelchaτy dοzaτορ οροshaκshey zhidκοsτm You are a ποlnen Ε vmde mnοgοugοlniκa, ποdοbnοgο οsnοvanmyu πρizmy.

Β πρedlagaemοm sποsοbe m usτροysτve llja mοκροy οchisτκm gazοv ρavnοmeρnοsτ πennοgο slοya cash κοlievοy shelyu dοsτigaeτsya τem, chτο zaκρuchivanie gazοvοgο ποτοκa vχοlnym ηaτρuόκοm, usτanοvlennym τangenimalnο ilm χορ- lalnο and lοπaτοchnym zavmχρmτelem, usτanοvlennοm in κοlievοy shelm, προmzvοlmτsya in προτmvοποlοzhnye sτοροny. This is an area where there is a gas supply from the main unit in place of the front-end with a laptop adapter that is smaller than the maximum A small share of the minimum and minimum energy consumption and, in turn, in the case of direct disconnection, is essential for the operation of the house, is necessary for the operation. М Comparatively, the associated gas flow in the gas flow through the gas flow through this unit is significantly reduced. The flow of gas through the shelves reduces the kinetic energy flow, making it easier to discharge and avoiding the gas after a large share of the waste. If the gas consumption is too high, an increase in the temperature of the gas at a higher temperature will increase if the voltage is too much to increase. Β Also, the aerodynamic load of a portable charger with a charge in comparison with a net increase of more than 50% increases by more than 50%. There are no other reasons for the extra voltages of the main body of the appliance being raised above the internal ones, which are very volatile

Conventional handwheels allow for a sideways version of a truncated housing 7 which is less than the main drive. As a result of this operation, the foam layer is changed. Εsli cash πlοsκim κοlievym zavmχρmτelem vneω- NJ gρaniia slοya mmeeτ ΦΟΡΜU πaρabοlοmla vρaωenmya and vysοτa slοya ρasτeτ οτ τaρelchaτοgο dοzaτορa zhilκοsτm κ sτenκe gas-zοοchisτmτelya, το Ε πρedlagaemοm usτροysτve cash throughout ωmρm- nοy ωelm τοlshina πennοgο slοya πρaκτichesκi ποsτοyanna. Β τa- κοy κοnsτρuκiii zavmχρmτelya πlοshad vyχοlnο η ποveρχnοsτm πρevyshaeτ πlοωal shelm, chτο sοzlaeτ uslοviya llja πeρeρasπρe- leleniya gazοvοgο ποτοκa m vyρavnivaniya πennοgο slοya. Basically, the penny layer doesn’t need to transfer the plug-in to the handset in the middle of the game. 1 In addition to increasing the gas consumption, we always begin to increase the volume in the open zone, increasing the gas supply, the gas oil is slightly less than gas. The growth of the layer at the onset of the disease is reversed, and the emerging radial structure is

2 The speed of the gas is very comfortable in the middle of the shell, but the battery is slightly out of operation. Most of the Foam layer is as it is regulated. Β As a result, the conditions of the flow of unsaturated gas disappear, and

3 Equality of the layer improves the gas meter.

Purchasing vχοdnοgο πaτρubκa gazοοchisτiτelya sοπlami for flushing οτlοzheny πyli and sisτemοy πeρiοdichesκοy ποdachi smyvnοy vοdy, οbesπechmvayushey τaκzhe προduvκu sοπel aτmοsΦeρ- nym vοzduχοm msκlyuchaeτ vοzmοzhnοsτ οτlοzheny πylm Szοly) vο

4 at the same time, which ensures long-term operation of the gas meter without interruption for this reason.

The replenishment of the gas meter body in the form of the correct rate with quantitative land is not less than four. and for the liquid in the polygon, it’s convenient

5 The base of the appliance assumes that the whole large part of the blade in the multi-unit is easily displaced and is completely free of This significantly reduces the cost of gas production and gas meter production, as well as quantitative

6 of the ritual, leaving it at a cost. This is especially important when gas cleaners work with aggressive media for their use, and they are used in large, easy-to-use steel. Otherwise, please contact us. Just a word in the corner of the multi-party rivals

** - * * an increase in the rate of daily strength, which is immediately effective and part of the dust in the hands of the foam, in combination with the reduction of energy 1 new effect on a direct linear plot along a flat wall.

Quick description of drawings

Refer to Fig. 1 for a quick calculation.

2 gasses with a tangential tube and a blade adapter * in Fig. 2 - a gas meter with a plug with an integral external terminal for the final drive; on Fmg.3 - gas meter with a washing system of a large main unit; on Fmg.4 - gas supply with gas in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. ο Ο



4 2 3 τρubu for ποlachi οροωayuschey zhmdκοsτi, πaτρubοκ ποdvοda zagρyaznennοgο 4 for gas 5 πaτρubοκ οτvοda οchiωennοgο gas lniωe 6 πaτρubκοm drain zhidκοsτm 7 κοlievοy lοπaτοchny zaviχρiτel 8 usτanοvlenny in κοlievοy ωelm κορπusοm between 1 and 2. τaρelchaτym lοzaτοροm Paτρubοκ The gas outlet is connected to the USGS of tanganium and spins the exhaust gas to the outlet, which is directly supplied to the outlet. Most of the time, in the case of a consumer 8, the external output of the mains is very large, but the The device is also equipped with a quick wash for the dust extraction unit, which consists of flushing nozzles 9, collector 10,

Figure imgf000010_0001
vοla 11 siΦοna 12 naπορnοgο baκa 13 ποπlavκa 14 κlaπa- 15, 16. imπulsnοy τρuby Κροme τοgο, κορπus gazοοchmsτi- τelya mοzheτ byτ vyποlnen in Φορme πρavmlnοy πρizmy with κοli- chesτΕθ.m gρaney least cheτyρeχ and τaρelchaτy lοzaτορ ορο- ΧΑ -

Most importantly - in the polygon’s file, it’s a good idea for the bottom of the world.

The proposed device works with the next device. Κ compartment 1 of the gas meter With Fig. 1) the contaminated gas is emitted through the pipe 4 of the gas flow to the accumulated gas. Then the gas is throttled through the blade plug 8, installed in St. Petersburg. where it is trained in a useful secondary vocational school. ύροωayuωaya zhmdκοsτ ποsτuπaeτ on τaρelcha- τy elemenτ 2 .. gle οna οbρazueτ bath κοτορaya ρasκρuchi- vaeτsya Bρaωaκshιimsya gazοm cash it and on account of ienτροbezhnyχ forces nachinaeτ sρyvaτsya in vmde πlenκm with κρaev τaρelchaτοgο element menτa 2 κ sτenκe κορπusa 1. Ηal ωelyu zhidκοsτ vsτρechaeτsya due to the discharge of gas in the form of an exhausted gas flow and a stable, intense emitted gas, emitted by the gas is emitted from the exhaust gas. The produced gases are removed through process 5, and the liquid flows through day 6 and are removed from the gas supply through process 7.

Τaκim οbρazοm over zaviχρiτelem sοzdaeτsya ρavnοmeρ- ny, usτοychivy, inτensivnο vρaωayushiysya emulsiοnny slοy with πρelelnym izvesτnym in τeχniκe uροvnem τeπlοmassοοbmena mezhlu zhmdκοsτyu and gazοm, κοτορy οbesπechivaeτ προvedenie neοbχοdimyχ ρeaκiy between gazοοbρaznymi κοmποnenτami and ρea- genτami, ποsτuπayuωmmm with οροshayuωey zhidκοsτyu and glubοκuyu ΟCHISΤΚU gazοv There are plenty of toxic substances. Β device Φ Fig. 2) in the case of gas consumption, due to the particular consumer's expense, the 8th layer in this case increases the cost of an accident. This ensures that the foam layer is equally common for all the shells and prevents the inadvertent operation of gas in the exhaust gas! At the same time as gas consumption changes through devices, there is a need for a reliable gas flow. 1 P -

The equipment is fully equipped with an external washing machine. The processing unit. is produced as follows.

Ηa Φig.3 ποκazanο ποlοzhenme ποπlavκa 14 m κlaπana 15 mοmenτ zaκρyτiya imπulsnοy τρuby 16 in ρezulτaτe κοτορο- gο .ρazρezhenie in gazοχοle 4 πeρelaeτsya in siΦοn 12 uροven vοly in siΦοne ποlnimaeτsya, siΦοn zaποlnyaeτsya m nachmnaeτsya SLIΕ vοdy of baκa 13 cheρez siΦοn 12, pipe 11 at room 10, where it is allocated to units 9 and the buildings are guided by the internal input of the room 4, After a decrease in the water level in tank 13, the float 14 is disengaged and the valve 15 is turned off, and the main pipe is turned off 16, and there is a quick waste Pοsle οποροzhneniya baκa drain 13 vοdy πρeκρaωaeτsya m aτmοsφeρny vοzduχ on account ρazρezheniya vο vχοdnοm πaτρubκe usτρemlyaeτsya cheρez IΜΠULSΗUYU τρubu 16 τρubοπροvοd 11, 10 on κοlleκτορ προduvκu smyvnyχ sοπel 9 πρedοτvρashaya mχ zaρasτanme πylyu. The air blower must be replenished with the tank 13, empty from the outlet 17, and then the pump will be flushed. Wash water for washing is divided into tank volume 13, and the interval between washings is set for dry water. Missing Ministry of Labor 17.

Κροme τοgο, κορπus gazοοchisτmτelya mοzheτ byτ vyποlnen in Φορme πρavilnοy πρizmy SΦmg.4) with κοlmchesτvοm bοκοvyχ gρaney least cheτyρeχ and τaρelchaτy dοzaτορ οροωaκshey zhmdκοsτi 2 as πρavmlnοgο mnοgοugοlniκa, ποdοbnοgο οs- nοvanmyu πρmzmy. Such a utility saves the cost of a purifier and the cost of its manufacture, τ. κ. all parts of the blade of the appliance are direct lmnia. 5

* мыш ο ο мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш мыш

The proposed methods are USUAL, which allows the use of a gas inlet for the gas loading of the gas meter by ignoring the gas inlet for the and τaκzhe msκlyuchiτ uslο- VMN προsκοκa neοchmωennοgο gas cheρez vρaωaκshmysya slοy emulsim, ποlnοsτyu msκlyuchiτ οτlοzheniya πyli vο vχοdnοm πaτρubκe πρm eκοnοmii vοdy on προmyvκm, sniziτ maτeρia- lοemκοsτ m τρudοemκοsτ izgοτοvleniya.

In general, when using the claimed invention, the following conditions are fulfilled *

- the case involving the declared means and equipment and its use. it is intended for use in industrial applications, and it is specifically in energy, metallurgy, chemical technology, and industrial industry;

- for the claimed invention in this file, as it is in the wording of the information provided in the paragraphs of the invention, the application was ignored.

It is done. Declaration of conformity meets the condition "applicable".


1. With the help of gas. Including, I will pay to the accumulator of the gas meter of the purchased gas flow. προπus- pan it through a kolievy shell. Interaction of inoculated gas flow with liquid sold in a wide range of discharges and emulsification. different. that a gas outlet in the Kolyeva Sheli is being refunded in a regular state.
2. FACILITIES FOR FAST GASES. more about СUS. Tangenial or remote gas outlet. tertiary product of overspray fluid. It is conveniently located close to the casing and has been sold with its wall-mounted celium helium with a pocket adapter in it. a pipe for dispensing a large amount of liquid and a pipe for a gas outlet. that is. that the gas outlet and the gas supply in the kolievsky are installed with the securing of gas supply to the gas supply.
3. DEVICES πο π.2. It is distinguished by the fact that the external ends of the output of the blade of the extender are raised above the inside. For those who have dealt with liquid distillation on YSYU 0.2-0.7 width, Kolya helm.
4. User Guide π.2. Other topics. that gas supply is equipped with flushing systems. connected through collectors with a contact with a user. installed in the tank with a flashing. differently with a valve for returning from the beginning of the 20th century. compatible with ΤΡУ-бопппзудом *
5. USE πο π. 2. The inconsistent topic. that the gas meter section is executed in the form of an industrial program with at least four sided green stones. and a good deal for the irresistible zhmdost was carried out in the form of a multi-angle. Comfortable basic software
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