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Structured information relating to similar objects is stored in data bank tables and non-structured, extensive information is stored separately in www pages. The tables are arranged in isolated trees in the table explorer in every work station. In order to reduce the m : n to 1 : n relation and to simplify data reception, content tables are created, from which data is transmitted to the user tables by means of transfer channels. Filtered new and modified data is systematically and automatically transmitted by the sender to the recipient. Instead of non-structured and extensive information, only references pertaining said information is transmitted. The invention makes it possible to develop new standard data banks for the Internet and PCs. This enables data exchange of structured information between computers thereby offering new possibilities for further Internet developments.



1. Current State of IT

1 1 databases for structured information

Conventional operating systems of computer .Anlagen (computer) normally store the data in the form of unstructured files which are not veri nupft together The files are -zusammengefaßt in directories or folders. These directories or folders as a tree-like structures appear (eg like the Explorer in Windows 95)

In order to handle the data structures that relate to each other in certain respects, different database systems have been developed, the data will be there in a table of columns (fields) and rows (records) are stored for each record is a unique individual key (pπmary key) and one or several

Foreign keys (foreign key) determines the compounds .to records from other Tables produce (relational database systems)

In the technical literature the relationships between tables are reduced to .Two types l: n a (1) data record in the parent table, a plurality of (<= n) data records in the subordinate (or additional) table associated with (special case of n = l ), m: n a (1) data record in the parent table, a plurality of (<= n)

Data records in the subordinate (or additional) table associated with the reverse

Case applies just as one (1) data in the subordinate (or additional) Table plurality of (<= m) may be data records in the parent (or main) table associated with

Pral table are in each table data by hand, with reading Advised or from the international network (eg Internet) entered into spreadsheets using the above-mentioned compounds may be tree-like or net-like user systems are built databases allow large amounts of data (in form of a table of columns and rows ) are .zusammengefaßt, .to treat in these tables, the data can quickly in any field in ascending or descending order by any term you could choose from many records only want to filter Today there are several DatenbanksyΛeme where these important properties of the databases everywhere in today's Today's database systems are utilized practice allow users to data already in forms and reports represent tO can quickly make various expansions .to databases are essential for computer systems become, the .zunächst to economic conditions ausgeri are chtet

1 2 History of Database Development

To better present the weaknesses of conventional database systems, there is first described the history of database development, the first database systems were geared to the mainframe, as in earlier times there were no PCs, which had a corresponding impact on database development In any mainframe many users could usually simultaneously to use common databases .zugreifen each user is able to create some database objects (tables, forms, reports, queries, etc.), which should be partially or completely protected from other users why .for are those hosts various data security systems are being developed in these systems for each database object (table, form, etc.), various permissions are set (only read data, other data, permissions to database objects awarded etc) users with same privileges were known as user groups together amount To summarizes all programming, corresponding objects, features were created Later te this all Objel and functions were automatically transferred to PC without .Änderungen, although the PC belongs to only one user

The database systems developed by different manufacturers, which have often been developed on different platforms, so that not all database systems were compatible. Often it was not very important because in former times the networking of computers was always the exception as the rule. However, later than the crosslinking occurred frequently, were special Tolls, communication .Between databases allow (z. B. ODBC) that can connect only known database systems with each other, however, and are slow.

Local networking of computers in the old days was virtually only one way .Between computer in different networks to communicate through external media. As for the most common disk was benut.zt lower capacity, the database files should not be greater. Therefore, all database systems allow many database files rather than one to create what would be easier for construction of the database system. The need .to divide the database into many database files, is the main cause of the excessive complexity of conventional database systems. In order .to use the scattered database objects in a program for common purpose, various premises for administration, involvement of the table and transfer of the database objects are from one database to another, developed. These possibilities were also introduced in the database language. It will be developed with appropriate methods and properties called Objelcte as DBEngine, Workspace, Database, etc. (example from MS-Access). Especially everything becomes complicated when the database objects have different access rights. Without proper training and Erfalirungen you can not write effective programs for today's databases, much to trust it to the non-technical user.

Another problem with the database development was due to lower capacity hard drive of the computer. .As a result can be described that database systems were oriented to save disk space. was the highest bid of the database developer and according to the database programmer .to avoid the data redundancy on the hard drive at any price, which has often been achieved by trick programming.

For example, to minimize the storage needs, some tables are placed on so-called servers in a network with the current computer (.Arbeitsstation) are connected. In such tables shared data are usually stored to avoid with the aim of data redundancy and input repetitions and .to make all participants of the network data simultaneously .zugänglich. The data from the server to retrieve directly or by SQL queries (for terminology of Microsoft) on the workstation. The SQL from asking to be sent from the workstation to the server, where appropriate selection of records will be taken and sent to the .Arbeitsstation. At the moment of access the user really gets the latest data, but if later on the server for. As the data is changed, the user is informed about anything. That is why we must .zugeben that the client / server aAnwendung not guarantee the current state of the data. This can cause unkonsistente databases for different users.

The tables on the server can also be integrated direlct on the workstation. In this case, they do not differ from the user and programming point of view of ordinary tables. Despite the minimal data redundancy, this principle has no future because each time you access the attached table the computer network is invited to communicate. Although the network is safer in the event of the client / server technology compared with File Server technology, the server must ensure are more concerned with processing of SQL queries, which by the server requires appropriate services. Nowadays often-used client / server concept has a major drawback. When the server fails, the whole system is paralyzed. To .to avoid this, one or even two computers is often used in the reserve, which will assume his responsibilities in case of failure of the server immediately. In order to avoid the possible loss of data, the copies of the hard drive for server and all .Arbeitsstationen be made on other media, which will also cost time and money.

The program creation .to the conventional treatment systems user (s. Fig. 2) is difficult, since .Between tables usually have different kinds of relationships

(1: 1, l: n, m: n) exist. For example, to two tables with the relation m: n (m and n are equal to or greater than 1) .to link, it is necessary to create a third table with the keys from the two base tables. Due to the urgent need to save space on the hard drive, this problem has not been solved in an elegant way. It is eingefülut third table, picks up the keys from both tables. In traditional databases, the data is directly (most hand) registered in each user table. With the inclusion of international networks (eg Internet) that can offer a lot more information, this procedure would be ill-suited. Multi Insert the same data in different tables is also more time

Figure imgf000007_0001
to take. Automatically insert the data directly from an international network (further referred to as the Internet) in each user table of the memory is greatly wasted, which affects the productivity of the computer, especially if it is considered that the usually not all the data from Internet originate, are usable.

In summary, the client / server concept referring to databases the following disadvantages:

1) The server guarantees the user the latest data only at the moment of

Zugriffes, but on subsequent .Änderungen this data on the server, the user does not receive messages. This can lead to uneven data sets for different users, even though the users feel that they are equal to 2) Since the user often has to pick from the server repeatedly the same data, it will burden the computer network unnecessary and additional telephone charges (at W.AN- networks cause and Internet).

to 3) To all clients operate quickly, the server computer must be very powerful. 4) When the server fails the whole user system is paralyzed.

5) Conventional database development is complicated, requires special training, long-term experience and for .Amateure is unreasonable. 1 3 vulnerability of the Internet

Heut.zutage the computer will always run out on the internet where you can find virtually any information. And no doubt it is so. But euphoria can pass quickly when browsing will last for a much-needed information few hours. Internet search engines are very useful become that allow you to search for terms entered But the search engines usually deliver unstructured information, under whose many unnecessary or not useful The then found-out useful data can not be transferred directly into a structured database you.

While surfing the Internet as when searching with search engines takes a lot of time, which causes corresponding telephone charges companies need to still carry additional labor costs and for surfing which is often not taken care, the information from search engines delivered must check systematize and filter by let what also needs a lot of time and the companies additional labor costs caused because the same information is repeatedly hit on the Internet, the negative impact for companies to a greater extent were to refuse. Since many companies from the same sector often also search the same information, systematize and must filter a lot of people are unnecessarily engaged in repetitive work.

The agent programs of the search engines have several days to read the data from the WWW pages, which the international network significantly burdened performance of the search engine are very strongly dependent on the performance of his computer For the world's most powerful computers are today eingeset.zt

In so-called catalogs on the Internet documents with structured and unstructured information from specialists be created and associated with each other

For each catalog own software must be created preparation of documents for catalogs takes a lot of time, so they have little entries is still a major drawback of the Internet is that it be completely ignored when searching the well evaluated data holdings of conventional databases. You can talk in principle two worlds in the computer, which today pralctisch independently develop: old computer and new Internet. The Internet practically develops without .Anbindung to conventional databases, which are built on different platforms and often have different formats, so that use of special tools such as ODBC is necessary. .art the compound .Between the conventional databases and the Internet is on the Fig. 3 a shown. It is prepared in the WWW, a compound -to the selected table to be displayed in the WWW page. If the user changes the data in the database table that .Ändei-improvements are not immediately visible on the Web page. The user can directly read in the WWW page data or send SQL expressions the server. The server evaluates the expression and sends the result .back the customer. The customer sees the results on the screen and it can store in a table or read the results manually and use further developed.

The main disadvantages of this Verfalirens: the user must always online run the search and therefore pay appropriate telephone charges; the results can not simply without creating new table, use more. In summary list the following weaknesses of the Internet:

1) The search engines of the Internet provide much unstructured information, which is mostly useless. This trend is growing as more and more private Web pages are created on the Internet. Which is inhibitory Auswirl clothes on

have Internet penetration in Geschäftslσeisen. 2) Since many users will often look for the same terms, they must do the same work and that, .to find necessary information from very many hits, .to have to manually enter data found in appropriate database or in another document or program.

3) surfing the Internet takes time, causes corresponding telephone charges and the company having to still wear .Additional labor costs. 4) agent programs of the search engine load the computer network and the tendency by continuous growth of the .Number the WWW pages is increasing.

5) Today, there are not an acceptable method that allows the easy transfer supplied by engine data in databases and systematize thereby. 6) A lot of information is now stored in structured databases that are well evaluated, but there is not an acceptable concept that can link the existing databases to the Internet. The client / server concept is ill-suited for it (see. Section 1.2).

7) The current catalogs on the Internet as an alternative .to the search engines are unsatisfactory, since the creation of the catalogs is very expensive.

Vulnerability of the Internet can be overcome by appropriate integration of databases with their sorting and Filterfünktionen. But one must .zunächst develop a standardized database that would be free from many disadvantages of conventional databases. These problems could be solved by using the following invention.

2. data architecture and data transfer of structured information on the Internet according to the invention

2.1 Presentation of Objelcte in elel tronic data processing system

Each real object can still be described by a set of properties (eg. As weight, width, height, etc.) which may be a number, date, boolean, text from the simple type. These properties will be for similar objects of the same type, which gives the option of entering information for these objects in a Struka tured table of columns (z. B. property name) and rows are made with concrete values ​​of the properties for each object. Each row (record) of a table in the proposed computer is uniquely represented by a Hauptschlύssel. the records may be identified .zusätzlich by so-called candidate keys. As the main key of the table is best for a counter. use and that when a new object on one such. u is increasing. Besides these properties, which are of a simple type, any object can be represented by special kind of information (eg. B. film about Objelct or a picture where different buttons are created that can display different images when .Anklicken). In this case, an object from the group of similar objects may be represented by .zusätzlich principle various media resources. Such information usually require a lot of space. To those unstrUakturierten information from Strul .to tured separate, the unstructured information in Web pages on the Internet when other users are f .or determined, or simply stored in the reverse case on its own hard drive. As a link .Between the two types of information URL fields are read into spreadsheets where appropriate URLs of Web pages are stored on the Internet. For example, in computer systems, the user group use different languages ​​are created corresponding .Number URL fields to represent the objects in different languages ​​on the Internet. To unstructured information also struakturierte information can be .zugeordnet, but the need to use a lot of disk space. For example, all objects in the table are also represented by an image. Normally a field of type bitmap could create for these images. But pictures taking up storage space, so you should .zuordnen such data to unstructured information and can be displayed in the Web page on the Internet. Can .Along unstructured and extensive data to be stored separately from strulcturierten Tables be called stationary data. .All structured tables on the computer to be stored according to the invention in a database which can be referred to as a PC database or communication data base. This eliminates the need to transport the .to database objects from a database file in other or to connect, as occurs in all conventional database systems. This means that all objects are removed from the database system to support the fragmentation of databases. It is also important to hide the only database file on the computer .to so that they will not be deleted or moved to another location. This file can z. B. on the c: drive to be created. O 99/27679 10

Since the PC normally has only one user, you need in the PC database no objects aimilegen, manage and check the permissions on database objects would. The .Along with the elimination of fragmentation of databases on the PC will significantly simplify the Aufoau of database systems.

2.2 Data architecture of the PC database

Data processing system according to the invention consists of a quantity equal computers that each z. B. to send structured information in tabular form each other through the Internet or a local network. Each table consists of rows (records) and columns (fields). Each record represents a real existing object of reality. All structured tables of the computer are collected in a PC database. The multimedia applications, which are stored Objelcte otherwise are always saved except the PC database in the Internet or on your own computer, which is also connected to the Internet.

In the PC database, various forms for displaying the information in the table, data filter for limiting the ^ display of the data on the form, reports .for .Anzeigen the evaluations, etc. are recorded.

The real existing Objelcte in reality may be associated with each other in various relations which were to be with an expression m: n might call.

This can be explained with an example. When it is (narrow entity) two tables A and B are, in Table B, an object can be in the link and vice versa in Table A, an object can only be connected to n Objelcten from B with maximum m Objelcte from A. To be able to build such relations, in the table B .extra a field that the connection key (z. B. Master Key) from the table must A receives. So a field in literature and in the invention is called a foreign key. Table A is referred to as subordinate to the invention as a parent table and the table B. After the invention it is also provided that in Tables A and B, there could be objects which have no relationship to objects in another table. This is prohibited in most database concepts, because it contradicts the well-known term "referential integrity". Even zero values ​​for foreign keys in the invention are allowed. On the other hand is not allowed in the invention to change the main keys of the tables that are normally applied as an enumerated type should.

Tables of the user database are distributed on two broad categories: container tables and Boxtabellen. Container tables are tables in no

Relations conjunction .to are other tables. These tables are most commonly used for temporary storage of the data from the outside world benut.zt (container tables). In contrast, the Boxtabellen are only that tables in a compound of 1: 1; ln or m: n, .to each other and are thereby organized into trees.

in reality because the relationships between objects can be very complex to represent these relationships are tree-like in conventional databases and set up net-like data structures. Since the user tables may exist in different trees, the whole system can be as isolated trees represent (Fig. 4a). By optimizing (s. Fig. 4b) each reticulated data architecture is divided on isolated hierarchically ordered trees.

Each Boxtabelle except user-specific fields in which information about Objelct stored, must b.zw. can contain the following mandatory fields: a master key and possibly other unique

Key candidates; for each parent table, a connection key (Topkey);

Field user for identification of the current user z. As e-mail of the user;

Field for registration of the time when the record is created;

Field update time for registering the time of the last changes in the data set; Flag activ, which is always set to true for active records (default to true); Flag view, which is gesetet to true if the data is hidden for the time being by the program;

Flag exist, which is set to false when deleting the record is (Noreinstellung to true);

URL fields with URL of the Web pages on the Internet, where the immovable Infoπnationen be saved.

If the container or Boxtabelle a new record by hand or by

Program is added, is assigned to the new record new master key, which is always higher in one than the last appended record. In subordinate Boxtabelle the connection key value of the parent key is .zugewiesen (master key or a unique key candidate from the parent Boxtabelle). By connecting key records are assigned a subordinate and superordinate table.

The filtered or non-filtered data is in the form (referred to as Boxformular) appears. For restricting the display in the Boxtabelle also box filter can be set, which is usually stored as a query. Total Boxtabelle, box filter and Boxformular form a unique unit, which will be further referred to as a box and is characterized by unique (FTIR entire user database) number. Box filter must normally be constructed only on the basis of Bojctabelle. In exceptional cases, it can be a complex query that can be combined with other tables in a simple (without checking for. Example, referential integrity), the mandatory must aufhelimen all mentioned above, the Boxtabelle. This Vorg.ang is often used in conventional databases to save disk space. Boxes with complex queries .Two and more linked tables slow down the performance of your computer and can only be received owen when the Speicheφlatz is scarce on the hard disk. For example, according to conventional principle of the box ".Article supplier" could be based on key table .Two keys (supplier's code and product key) with table 'Item' is (for entire company) in relation. There is no doubt that in this case would the need is Speicheφlatz on the hard disk minimal since it is also occupied only by key table. But the profit on disk space is paid for by higher load on the processor. It can erldären with easy sample company has 10,000 articles, which are stored in a table. . the employee creates an invoice where he enters .Angaben for 10 .Article. If this bill is then opened for. example, for insight, the program needs to create the dynaset for .Ads the 10 items specified for each. find items key below 10,000 items appropriate. So the memory must always pull out all 10,000 items into consideration, although e s only 10 .Article are in demand from this amount.

The consistent application of the invention in the above example proceed as follows. The Boxtabelle 'Articles of suppliers' gets same structure as that is complemented with the foreign key' LieferantenschlüsseF and master key of Boxtabelle table 'Item'. The table '-Article' is explained as containers for table 'items supplier'. The employee selects the desired container 10 ^ articles whose complete .Angaben be transferred to the Boxtabelle. Later on every insight into the box 'Articles of suppliers' of main memory of the computer has to do only with 10 instead .Article 10,000 after conventional principle.

Each Boxtabelle, box filter or Boxfoimular and their any combinations may occur in different boxes in the system. If the user visited the data in a Boxformular, only records that are subordinate to the current record in parent table displayed. The filter expression is represented as follows semantically

"Boxfilter.activ = true and boxtabelle. Verbmdungsschliissel = Parent key ".

For BOaXtabellen that have no parent tables, this filter expression will look simpler:

"Box filter. activ = true "The information for speakers of the user's system are stored in system table for trees and box data.

Information about boxing and user trees

table 2.1

Field / field group purpose

Box number counter that uniquely identifies the box in whole user system

Tree Unique name of the tree in the database

-Formularnummer Unique number (within the tree) of the box

Boxtabelle table that is basically the box

Schiüsselname Unique counter as a main key of the Boxtabelle

Key Value Stored value of the master key

Box filter .Anzeigenfilter as a query, the records displayed in the Bo.xtabelle filters. If not specified, no filter is set, and it will be displayed in Boxformular directly the data of Boxtabelle without filtering.

Form Name Name of the form will appear in the data of the box and enter

Parent form number of the parent box form number

Connection key foreign key from the parent box (if any) Parent Key master key or candidate key in the parent box, which is connected with the link key of the current box m representing relations relationships between tables related parameter n. In the special case of 'no connection' of Relations Filter is turned off.

Transfer Data Lock If true, are transmitted in the Boxtabelle data before updating b.zw. Delete protected. Other fields fields that essence of the invention does not relate.

2.3 Use of container tables

It will often be necessary alctualisieren a table's data with data from the other table. For this, in the invention such tables .Between constant

77 transfer channel created where a table as a source table and other is called the target table. For this transfer channel is defined which fields of the target table are ever updated and by which fields the source table. Such a transfer is for. As necessary if in some tables same data must be entered. In this case it is expedient to create a container table where the

78 general data must be entered. Main key of this table s used as a transfer key data source. From this table container transfer channels to corresponding z. B. Boxtabellen furnished. .in each table also transfer key must be applied as a foreign key that is .zugeordnet the master key, the container table in the transfer channel. After entering data in the

79 container table corresponding fields in the target tables updated through appropriate fields of the container table.

Container tables can also dissolution of the relation m: n where m and n are greater than 1, are used. When the relationship between Boxtabellen l: n, where n is an arbitrary large number, the data can be easily entered in both tables

be the 80th For example, customers and their bills. A customer may include several bills, but each bill can be .zugeordnet just one customer. .In this case we can .zuordnen corresponding invoices to the selected customers, which automatically the customer key is assigned as the connection key. Otherwise it will look for. As if it concerns suppliers and their .Article. 81 Normally, each supplier can provide some .Article .Article and can be delivered by various suppliers. This relationship is as m: n denotes where the numbers m and n are any positive numbers could be. For example, 5:10 .Article where a maximum can be supplied by 5 suppliers and each supplier can supply up to 10 .Article. In conventional database systems to resolve this problem

82 installed between two linked tables or a key table that receives both of the main key of the joined tables. This data redundancy is minimized, but to see the data in these tables must be allowed to build complex queries, which makes programming more complicated and affects the performance of the computer. Therefore, in the invention, it is to

83 certain data redundancy received. For example, in the example above container table is created ".Artikelstamm" with all sorts of items. In the table "article"

Article from the table "Item Master", which will serve as a container for "article", obtained by the user.

As the box is a container has a container table as a main table, possibly the

84 container filter and a b.zw. some containers forms that are used for .Ads and enter the data. A container table should have the following mandatory addition to user-specific fields:

Master key container table, which is also called as a transfer key in this case;

85 field for identifying the alctuellen user who made the last changes;

Field for registering the time of occurrence of the data set;

Field for registering the time of the last .Modification in the record;

Flag activ, which are set for Apply Active records to true;

86 Flag view, which is set to true for the records to be displayed;

Flag exist, which is set to false when the record is to be deleted in the container;

Url fields with URL of the Web pages on the Internet, where the immovable information is stored. 87 Instead URL fields fields can be applied where z. As network addresses of the executable files are displayed (for local networks).

The container filter is usually a simple filter or as an exception be a query, for example, the container table (possibly with another container tables) by simple (without regard for other tables.

B. 88 for referential integrity) connects temporary relationship.

2.4 Data transfer between tables within the PC database

As already mentioned, is often be a need .Between two tables (z. B. Container table in the direction Boxtabelle) transmit the data TO. For this so-called transfer channels are established. Such transfer channels

89 also .Between .Two Boxtabellen, .Two container tables or set up by the Boxtabelle to the container table.

The data collected (by hand or by import from another computer, as described in section 2.5) in the data source are regularly (for. Example after each update of the data set or according to the user's command) to the target table

90 transferred. (Data source - destination chart) for, for each intended pair set up a transfer channel (eg as described in footnote 5 on the Fig. 1.), Which defines a list of Communication fields and their aAnordnung between the data source and destination table. Each time data transfer between the data source and target table the data are transmitted through communication fields of the transfer channel. In the data source as

Transfer key 91 is usually taken the master key. In the target table for a corresponding field for receiving the transfer key must be created as a foreign key. Each transfer channel is .zugeordnet a user filters and selection form for data source. .Angaben for all transfer channels are .zusammengefaßt in Table 2.2 for transfer data where it is considered as the

92 data source and target table any container b.zw. could be Boxtabellen. Information for internal transfer channels

table 2.2

Figure imgf000020_0001
Figure imgf000021_0002

When in fields' by record update 'and' after

Figure imgf000021_0001
the Quellentϊibelle false is, the transfer can only express a BefeWs user

93 or the program are ausgefülut. In order .to übe.rwachen data transfers and execute a Unteφrogramm 'internal Transfer Server' must be developed. After specified criteria internal transfer server will cause the corresponding data transfers.

For all internal transfer channels is a common system table for transfer fields

94 applied.

Field mapping in internal transfer channels

table 2.3

Figure imgf000021_0003

Under Source fields of the master key of the source table must necessarily always

95 be present. Accordingly, in the Boxtabelle stands as an objective of

Transfer key. If it unstructured and extensive information is stored separately for some Objelcte the table, corresponding references (eg URL fields) must be present in the target and source fields. This gives possibility the information of the objects to move in any table,

96 without the extensive and unstructured data to transfer .As a data source, the source Tabel le (eg container table) be with appropriate data filters all target and source fields with flag view = true are excluded .Between tables from the internal data transfer, which according to the SQL is considered -Ausdrucken the data filter So you can transfer data .zusatzlich

97 reduce user filter can in principle as a selection query that as the record source (transfer filter) is used for selection form, and (or) a

Program filters are defined, which sets the flag view the data sets to true or false In the second case as a data source, the following SQL expression is established:

"Transfer source. activ≡true and transfer source. vιew = true "

98 where transfer source is the above-mentioned select query or just even the source table, if no select query is set

The select query 'transfer filters' must always be above all required fields in the source table and can include (eg as "data sets, where the turnover greater than 100,000 DM per year") define the terms of use the

99 select query can also be connected to other tables by simple relationship

following transfer actions can be executed

have 1) updating the transfer fields of the target object by transfer fields of the source object, the same Transferschlussel and since transmission let.zter

have been changed 100 This data transfer is regularly performed eg after each update the source object after the specified time interval or after ausdrucklichem command of the user

2) adding the new data that do not have identical Transferschlussel in the target object This data transfer is also regularly as described in item 1, executed 101 and .zwar for transfer channels with Flag add = true .. The Flag activ for transmitted data sets is always set to false. The attached data, no link key is assigned.

3) replacing the data in the destination table by selected data in the data source. This transaction will only express command of the user or by

102 corresponding program ausgefülirt. When updating the transfer fields are replaced including transfer key with corresponding values ​​from the data source from the current position in the target table.

Figure imgf000023_0001
updating the records is equal to the selected in the container. Transaction 1 is carried out regularly for all internal transfer channels. The transfer must usually after

103 express command be executed if the user has appropriate permissions. In one transaction, the relationship conditions m and n are not considered because it is only to update the transfer data in existing records.

Transfer Action 2 is used to the data activ to the target table flag = false

104 attach. This data attachment is assigned later by the user to the corresponding parent records. To view this information Appendix, is the appropriate form of the table and .zwar with filter

"Boxtabelle. acüv = false and link key is zero "

displayed. For the Stammbox the tree filter is "Boxtabelle. activ = false ", use.

105 from the selected form data can be assigned to parent records by the 'connection key' field to the value of the parent key is assigned. The program can use the correct data, one would have to dissolve all the data attachments by assigning the parent records or simply .to delete the attachment.

106 Transaction 3 is used only for replacing the data in the destination table by the selected data in the data source. Between two tables several transfer channels can be defined that have different transfer fields and transfer filters. For example .zusatzlicher transfer channel can not transfer filters add to the Flag = false * be applied in this case, access is ensured to all data of the container That will

107 only be useful if the user wants to access external data sometimes or must Guarantee that possibility makes the virtual user system (user database) highly flexible and einsatzfahig everywhere only restrictions there may be due to greater need for disk space when it is critical to this need decrease in the following ways, outdated data in

to delete 108 Boxtabellen through automatic execution of the corresponding command or compress the databases automatically As these commands are carried out only under appropriate conditions and automatically, which can go unnoticed by the user In this case, still to be recommended, if possible, the display filter (s. Table 2 2 use)

109 2 5 data transfer between computers,

In order .to set up communication to a computer in the computer system, the computer needs to be entered into the table 'Connected computers'

Related computer

Table 2 4

Figure imgf000024_0001
Each computer 110 can export the data to the other or from the other import data import is usually completed in a container table, where the data are further described in other tables (e.g. B Boxtabellen) directed data import can also exceptionally be made directly in a Boxtabelle

are so-called transfer channels for for receiving data from another computer

111 Datenιmport (import channels) generated (see Table 2 5)

The most important fields of the table 'import channels'

Table 2 5

Figure imgf000025_0001
Transfer filter SQL expression that is used as a transfer filter on the sender

Last transmission time of the last transmission by current transfer channel

For all export channels Table 2.6 is out

The most important fields of the 'export channels' Table

table 2.6

Figure imgf000026_0001
Figure imgf000027_0001

For each import and export channel is in appropriate tables 2.7 and 2. detailed field mapping of the source and target fields. Field Mapping for import channels

Table 2 7

Figure imgf000027_0002

Field Mapping for export channels

table 2.8

Figure imgf000027_0003

To initialize the transmission, corresponding protocol is eingeset.zt, the supporting connection between two computers and its tables. This software recognizes the commands and passes them The commands are often specified by the sender and processed by the receiver of your health software. The senders software 'component delivery' is installed and in the receivers 'reception components' which communicate with each other and will process the data packets. The shipping component with the sender checks the presence of the events 'to Set Update', 'to table update' and 'before closing the database', if for them is specified true, and accordingly initiated the transfer of the data changed since the last data transfer. If these fields is given false for all, the principle must be entered in a special form that must when and under what circumstances take place the transmissions Shipping component monitors these conditions and performs the data transfers from or not. Data transfer from the sender to the receiver can be done depending on the setting with or without use of the mail server During the initialization of the data transfer without the use of the mail server performs the sender, if the sender's computer, the following operations

1 sending component checks if the computer of the receiver is turned on and when it is the case, making further steps of

2) For each initialized transfer channel connecting the sender and receiver, corresponding update package is formed, which is shown as Table This table consists of transfer fields and records of the table are changed since the previous transmission or created 3 are all updated packets for the same receiver assembled into a target package and so sent the receiver

When data transfer for intermediate storage of the Ubertragungspakete mail server can be used (for example a conventional server for e-mail). The transmission packets are stored on the mail server only provisionally, when the computer of the receiver is not turned on in this case, the following steps are performed

1 For each initialized transfer channel connecting the sender and receiver, corresponding update package is formed, which is shown as Table This table consists of Transferfeldeiri and records the table to be changed since the previous transmission or created 2 All update packets for the same receiver are in composed corresponding target packets and the corresponding mail server addresses 3 the target packets that are addressed to the same mail server are combined into corresponding Ubertragungspakete and so sent turning on the computer of the recipient and to the mail server are .zunächst automatically all target packages from the mail server picked up (if he is used at all) direct received or retrieved from the mail server destination packets are divided into ursprungliche update packages the data sets of the aAktualisierungspaketes update data records of the respective target table with the same Transferschlussel data sets from the update package with new keys are appended to the target table

After updating the data in the destination table, the acquisition component of the sending component of the sender specifies the time of the last change back, the are stored in a corresponding field of Tables 2 5 and 2 6

2 6 maintenance of the relationship conditions

The relationship conditions (1: 1, l: n or m: n) aufrecht.zuerhalten, so-called Relations server must be developed which deletes all records from the data Annex immediately after the current data transfer, with the same

Therefore Transferschlussel more than n times occur such data attachment in the Boxtabelle must be allowed dissolve .zusagen so for container tables and master boxes, it means to make it visible what the user manually expressly causes for "resolved" data sets the flag is activ set to true and they will continue each time the form visible (active data sets) for Boxtabellen data appendix must be integrated into the Boxtabelle what is ausgefülirt control of Relations Servers the user selects in a superposed box a record and changes to the data annex the subordinate box, where he marked after desired data sets and actuates the

will command 'assigning' If you already have the same value in the Boxtabelle m data records in field 127 "Verbindungsschlussel" as the Parentschlussel in the parent table, it is with a corresponding message will be prevented

create duplicates for selected data sets, where the flag is set to true and activ in each 'Verbindungsschlussel' field is the Schlusselwert from Parent

entered table

128 In case of manual data entry no Containerschlussel be eingefiigt and thereby the examination of the m - Relations parameter falls away when inserting new data records manually or by transfer action to each record of the Parentschlussel is assigned, if any is after each such operation, the relation server from the data Annex deletes all records that with the same Transferschlussel more than n

occur in Boxtabelle 129 times

For each box, which is connected by transfer channels with data container corresponding buttons on the toolbar or Boxformular can or in the menu bar to create the commands for execution of the transfer actions that are described include,

130 2 7 advantages of the invention

The invention will be more disk memory through the use of the data container and by the attachment of the data sets to the user tables in claim

Otherwise, the invention compared to pure client / server technology will bring the following benefits

131 1) avoids the temporary storage of the data in receiving containers repeated

Recording the same information as it comes in direct insertion into user tables materialize This saves a lot of space on the hard drive and the time

Insert the data

are transmitted) 2) Da (in the Boxtabellen only modified and new data usually also filtered 132, the user programs will be operating with reduced amount of data and therefore runs faster

3) replacing the queries Boxtabellen will take less memory to claim Benutzeφrogramme and are thereby performed more quickly.

4) The user systems to be simplified, since the relational relations as

133 user-defined conditions are already taken into account in the user table when pasting the data so that the user can often get by without programming

5) In reticulated user systems may be some compounds by

replace transfer channels, the user system consist only of isolated trees is it makes the creation of application programs easier as consideration for

134 the relationship between species Boxtabellen eliminated.

6) One-time transmitting in the packet of data from the external container and the container .Anhangen data to the Boxtabellen drastically reduces the load of the computer network, speeds up the execution of user programs, and saves Telefongebuhren

135 7) computer systems by the invention are more viable than pure client / server systems, because the failure of any computer on the whole system has no effect (it lacks only the data that is sent after the failure of the computer)

8) Each workstation can be recovered extraneous data when needed from the data sources, what additional option for data protection for

are 136 user tables

9) Distribution of information compared with client / server system make fewer demands on the computer's performance

3. Examples of possible applications of the invention

3 1 development of the Internet 137 In Section 7.3 it was shown that today's Internet virtually ignored old databases, where well-analyzed data collected to the internet at all missing the important character of databases: Since .to can sort bulk data quickly filter and locate the Internet can provide incredibly much information today is a great need, the structured mass data from the Internet and so represent

Edit 138 as to be able in today's structured databases. It is possible if the same database system in all computers that are connected to the Internet, is used, a database must enable data exchange of structured information .Between tables on different computers.

Under the new concept, the Internet will consist of two large data layers. PC-

139 databases (communication data banks) with structured information, and conventional WWW pages. The tables in PC database specific URL fields are created, where the references are stored on corresponding Web page of the Internet through these references each time the user can from the PC database call the appropriate Web page

140 Thus a standardized PC database can consist of the following components

(1) Basic component as stan-ended all versions of the PC database component see section 5.7.7)

offered 2) Shipping component for providers of information (eg company) that as a virtual company catalogs to all Internet users or limited group of users

141 are (see section 3.1.2)

3) Recording component as a standard version for Subscribe in the PC database of structured information from the Internet. Section 3.1.3),

4) Project component (see section 3.1 4), which gives the customer an option to define the data architecture, transfer structure, forms and reports themselves

142 5) server component for providers of the information This component similar to SQL Server in conventional database systems is the possibility of the receivers to view directly into the tables of the provider, filter data, copy, etc. (see Section 3.1.5) 6) client component corresponding to the user is the possibility of the databases in which

view 143 directly provider to send the seller SQL commands, etc. (see Section 3.1.6)

7) development component, the reduced database language includes, and is intended for the database programmer (see section 3.1.7) through this component of the database programmer can develop any complicated database systems

144 3 1 1 basic component of the PC database

According to the new database concept on any computer it is provided, instead of many, as it is possible in conventional database concepts allow to create only one database why this database is called the PC Database This database could also be called as a communications database, as the

145 focus of this database in the data exchange between computers on the database level (from table to table) is

a prerequisite to PC database is a hidden file that does not appear in the Explorer as a symbol and therefore can not be renamed by the user directly, moved or deleted Sun makes database programming much easier because

146 characterized whole range of objects can be eliminated

Since the PC database can belong to only one user, virtually all objects are removed in new database concept associated with permissions for database objects, making database programming easier and more understandable

147 Essentially, each PC database user tables, which are treated in a container object The tables can be divided into table groups are, which can facilitate some operations (see Section 3.1.4) Each user table is identified by key This also foreign keys can be created, that define the relationships between tables in tables

148 fields with references to Web pages are created where additional information for stored objects can be displayed (movies, Gebrauchsanweisungenusw) The user tables are always assigned to isolated table tree (see Fig. 5) The subordination of the tables is set in a system table ^ Tab 2.1.) The trees can be grouped by task A tree b.zw single table can

149 appear in various tasks ^ Section 3.1.4)

Data exchange between tables of a PC database is called the inner transfer run channels The data for internal transfer channels of the PC database are entered in a corresponding system table 'data for internal transfer channels' (s. Tab.2.2)

150 For any internal transfer channel assignment list for source and destination fields (5 Tab. 2.3) is specified to be .zusammengeführt for all transfer channels in a system table 'Feld.zuordnung in internal transfer channels'

The basic component of the PC database must contain all necessary functions under trim the internal data transfer and the relationship between

151 user tables maintained For details were laid out in the project design of the new database system

The data in Tables PC database can either be entered directly or from conventional databases imported For appropriate Importfünktionen must be installed in the PC database

152 3 1 2 shipping component of the PC database

When installing this component, the PC database can offer its structured data to the other participants of the Internet, this data automatically to subscribe to an enhanced production of the company is represented as a virtual catalog of this catalog on the Internet, the end customer can (eg the private

153 person) can be automatically and periodically transmit the information provided in its PC- database (Subscribe) allows the .Providers gets .zusatzliche Werbungsmoglichkeit for its production or services and the interested party (subscriber) the price or features compare different offers

The shipping component is the information provider the opportunity to the tables of the PC database accessible only make certain or all Internet users accessible, which, however, get read only The provider can sponsor the following access options in properties for each table its

Table for outside access locked (no access from the Internet are possible), table .zuganglich for all participants of the internet (anyone can view the data and subscribe let)

For the table a list of users is set to get the read access to this table

If the last option is chosen, must in the system table 'Read permissions' (see Tab. 3.7), a list of users who have read permission for this user table set

Table 3 1

read permissions

Field Name Purpose

Table Name of the user table user name of the user who has read access to the table PC database

Internet address or network address (in the local network) for the user

The participants of the Internet may be imported channels set to the shared tables and to refer regularly from there the modified and new data (see Section 3.1 3) For the receiver must have the ability to see in the data structure shared for him tables that him the sending component is the receiver creates the import channels (see section 3.1.4) by determining the field mapping (source-destination fields), SQL condition defining its prospective region, and the rules on when and how the modified and new data sets from the are sent prospective area This information is with the provider in the system table Εxportkanale '(see tab. 2.6) in the system table' 'field mapping for export channels (see tab. 2.8) and the receiver in the tables

159 2.5 and 2.7 saved

The provider can the information in the system table for export channels and in the system table 'field mapping for export channels' do not change, but he can deny read access to the source table by changing the access option Then corresponding entries in the system tables for import channels and

160 'Feldazuordnung for import channels' at the receiver (see Section 3.1. 3), and in system tables for export channels and 'field assignment for export channels' from the sender (s 2.6 and 2.8) deleted this end, the sending component sends corresponding one of the captured by the recording component of the receiver and command, ausgefül is rt

It can use the following rules for sending the modified and new data sets from the

161 prospective region between the sender and of the receiver agreed immediately after request of the recipient, immediately after the change of the data in the record immediately after the form is closed, based on the table, before the closing of the PC database of Anbιeters (default),

162 after the specified time interval

With each change in the data, the sending component carries out a the time of the change in the corresponding field of the user table

When an event occurs, the sending component forms the update packages target packets and Ubertragungspakete (if Mail Server is in use), as in the section

163 2 5 described

After each transfer in the system table for export channels (see Tab. 2.6), the time the last transmission on each participating table is entered

Pflichtattπbuten of Ubertragungspaketes are the Internet address or network address in the local network of the receiver, the channel number from the export Tab. 2.6, at the time of

164 Transmission Ubertragungspakete be sent directly to the recipient if his computer is turned Otherwise, the Ubertragungspakete be buffered by the sender or on the dedicated mail server (depending on the setting) where the female component of the receiver picks up the Ubertragungspakete when you start the PC database and integrated (see also section 3.1.3)

165 3 1 3 Recording component of the PC database

In Section 3.1.2 described how a company can release its offerings as a company catalog on the Internet, the computer with shared tables as a supplier designated users of such information are interested in, be designated as a prospective customer, or subscriber receiver To view the information

To receive 166, the recording equipment shall be installed in the PC database Before you install will first look for the fundamental component of the PC database if it does not exist, it will be installed to charges

The main task of the receiving component, the target b.zw. pick Ubertragungspakete and in the PC database to integrate them ^ see section 2.6) In the

167 data transfer by mail servers to the sender and receiver to communicate fully independent with each other because it does not matter if the other computer is on or not have this option be given to the sender (see also section 3.1.2) as mail server can also today Server be used for temporary storage of the e-mail the acquisition component managed system table for

168 Import channels (s. Tab.2.5 and communicates with delivery components of the information provider.

Each time the PC database, the target or be Ubertragungspakete from the specially equipped buffer at the sender (if the mail server is not used) for all import channels or picked up from the mail server and corresponding

169 user tables of the recipient will be updated in the system table 'import channels' of the date of transfer in the 'Last Broadcast' in the Table 2.5 is entered, if in the buffer, new data packets appear, the protocol software of the recipient is informed and the Ubertragungspaket is first in the receiving buffer was added and then in the PC database integrates the Jo

transmitted data packets are removed from the buffer of the sender or the mail server

3 1 4 project component of the PC database

By installing the project component of .Providers gets b.zw. Recipients of information the possibility of the data architecture and data transfer .to make to create the forms and reports and correct to export database objects to other PC databases and vice versa .to import from others. The user can create new tables to correct the data structure of the existing tables to create new trees, the trees hin.zufügen new tables, remove existing tables and Baume This component is the possibility to set up new transfer channels and to correct the existing Therefore be appropriate in system tables entries made in order to make the .Arbeit for user comfort, for these operations in spezialen system forms are made so that they can even be conducted by non-savvy customers to set up a new transfer channel to the provider of the information, the user enters the Internet address of provider that shows the recipient belongs to trees in a form shared tables the receiver selects the source table with the sender and corresponding target table in its own PC database. In the special form it assigns the source fields to the target fields .to. He can also filter the data as SQL condition comfortably in the form Type any changes in the transfer channel s also the sender in relevant system tables (see section 3.1. 2) registered

In the project component database objects can be grouped into specific groups A database object can only be a group be .zugeordnet's export operations can be made more comfortable if the number of trees and each table is very large, the database objects can be additionally classified by task A database object can occur in several tasks, if the user selects specific task, it is displayed for example, to list only the only list of your health database objects on the screen

to show forms that are competent for task 'customer care', one must

176, first press the corresponding register for forms and then the entry 'customer service' in the list of tasks, select Every time you can define new task and .zuordnen new database objects for each task b.zw removed from the list on the execution of the programs the classification the database objects after tasks will have no effect

177 In the project component, the user can be integrated with the providers of information, so that he will krigen constantly of them in specified prospective area information in a Sammeintabelle In this component, it can own forms and reports based on specified SQL query create where the results of the evaluations are shown

178 3 1 5 Server component of the PC database for providers of information

In Section 3.1.2, the delivery component of the PC database has shown that occurs as a publisher for prospective result, the person interested to get convenient way, data from some ./Anbietern automatically to refer The server component is functionally similar to the SQL server, but compared strongly

179 reduced because the client has always to do only with a selected table communication between server and client is done directly without the involvement of the server table in the Web page as it is done today on the Internet (see Figure 3a) Under the new concept is the interested party that owns the client component (see section 3.1.6), if the option to view the shared tables, their

sort and filter data 180 can But he will always be sent This command can only affect a table corresponding SQL command to the server Query results can be stored in a table of the client (see also section 3.1.6) requirements of the client have priority over the operations of the Shipping component

The filtered data is transferred to the client in temporary table it in his

181 can store PC database (see section 3.1.6) 3 1 6 Client component of the PC database

Subscription to data, as described in Sections 5.7.4 and 3.1.2,3.1.3, may not always be sufficient for the customer, if the

Figure imgf000040_0001
installed the server component of (s. 3.1.5), the user (not in the WWW page I), see, sort and filter directly through the client component in the data tables released the provider can

The client enters the Internet address of the provider. The server component is in a form that released him for tables that can be displayed .zusammengefaßt in trees. The client chooses the desired table and gives the SQL command for this table in a form This command is sent to the provider and the result comes in the form of a table .back. The SQL command is processed immediately offered and the filtered data is transferred to the client in temporary table that he can store in his PC database if the client wants to query multiple tables, it must create appropriate number of tempo rare tables It can then offline any evaluations make advantage of the client saves Telefongebuhren for online evaluations that you make today and less strain on the Internet

All temporary tables are a fast-rare task for. B. assigned under the name 'Temp' (s. Also section 3.1.4). The temporary tables can also be classified into temporary trees When closing the PC database, all tables that are associated with the task 'Temp', deleted To be a temporary table in the PC database to persist, it must, before closing the PC database will be removed from the object 'temp' or associated with a different object

The client component is the interested party the opportunity to view first before subscribing to the data on the server and then make decision on applying a transfer channel the client component should also be used when the subscription to data little sense has 3 1 7 development component for programmers

When installing this component, the database language is loaded, which can develop any complex database systems programmers The reason for this database language conventional database language can be taken. From this language, all objects are removed or commands that are not necessary for PC database This includes

1) objects or commands, functions and terms allow the fragmentation of the database on many database files in conventional database systems and support

2) container and Database objects and their related commands and functions,

3) Transaktionsprotokole and corresponding commands and all they are concerned;

4) objects that grant permissions to the database objects and manage user groups form etc

It should practically lop all existing routines that event functions for forms and reports are maintained

In the database language new objects, features and commands should be introduced, the data architecture that enables other data transfer Actual decisions are highly dependent on the chosen programming language and so after selecting the database language that is taken as a basis, are concretized

3 2 New organization of advertising by Internet

The Internet is already the goods represent many shipping houses as Otto catalog, source amongst others that offer huge range of goods, the customer can now in

See Internet and order online by filling in the relevant form this form of trading is convenient and attractive, because the customer can thus avoid the trip, however, private customer can on the Internet, the Web pages of various

View 192 department stores (see Figure 3a), compare prices and features of the desired goods .to and then ein.zukaufen the desired goods in the selected business or order through the Internet but without downsides this possibility is not because the customer spend a lot of time on the computer and pay appropriate telephone costs for research in the web pages, the provider must be even less attractive

193 this possibility for companies that normally have to research very often and various items, products, materials, etc. from suppliers online and order Besides Telefongebuhren companies must also carry additional labor costs for online research why .to seek the suppliers are used by companies that search engines what a lot Telefongebuhren and labor costs for companies

causing 194

Generally one can say that today's trade on the Internet is forcing customers

to pay related expenses (in the form of Telefongebuhren for goods research) directly, which will have inhibitory effects on trade by Internet why new principle of treatment of structured information is proposed (see Figure

195 3b), which will remove this fundamental disadvantage of commerce on the Internet According to this principle all new or revised offers in the form of data sets are automatically and regularly transferred into the collection table of customers, so that the customer must pay any Telefongebuhren for research on various products to providers in terms of trading do you enable a new paperless and not intrusive

call 196 Advertising

To skip to the new organization of advertising on the Internet must take the following steps

1) When the information Anbiter shipping and project component must be installed the PC database by project component, the data architecture is the

197 providers defined and input options necessary

2) The receivers of the information (potential customers) must

his recording component installed

For customers standard programs to receive specific information is available on the Internet For example, a customer, a house wants to buy now 198 you can do this by conventional search engines, but it is better to organize the following property seller offer on the Internet to their catalogs with houses who sale each catalog is created as a table in the PC database of the real estate Verka shore For any real estate seller must have the shipping component of the PC database (see section 3.1.2) this table

199 fields for addresses of the house, its owner and Eigentumers, the administration, where the interested party can contact, may also be present. Here must

Fields for features of the house (number of apartments, built in etc), reference to the WWW site where to watch the photo of the house, etc., are created The data structure of the tables in properties handlers can

be different 200

In order .to facilitate for customers who want to buy a house, finding a maximum, the software will 'House for Sale' offered on similar type may thousands of other regional standard programs (eg 'buy meat', 'Buy Auto', etc.) developed and are distributed through Internet

201 When installing such standard software is checked whether the basic component of the PC database is installed if it is not the case, must first the

Basic component dei PC database are installed when installing all the necessary reception tables are created in the PC Database These tables are automatically connected to source tables by importing channels into the PC database

202 corresponding data entry forms and reports for presentation of reports from the installer to copy After installing the

Standard range is applied corresponding symbol in the program group for PC database

In the software can be installed some Uberwachungsf creation function that the

203 customers notified automatically when a specified condition is met example, the purchase of the house, the user can the desired price to enter as a condition when it is offered by a real estate seller a house at that price, the customer gets message about it (eg when opening the PC database, start the Windows etc depending on the setting)

204 In this way, can be displaced by Internet different regional Software Eg 'products shop' that will be for each family of interest When installing this software, the user inputs, through which food or other goods, it should be regularly informed The software automatically creates all the necessary connections to the stores where these products are made and

205 sets corresponding receiving tables in the PC database of the user The connections are created only for businesses located in the vicinity of the user's residence, the user is eg the price filter for each commodity and can also enter the special Uberwachungsfilter to appropriate to get message when you start your computer or the PC database if the specified condition

reached 206 this information must be entered only once and when necessary, can be changed All

In the same way, other regional software can "buy computer" like, "rent", "holiday information 'are distributed among others Such softwares are sold for millions of customers and thereby very large sales figures

achieved 207

For savvy customers are given the opportunity to choose the business itself, where he will receive information and to apply appropriate collection tables in its PC database For this, he must at the project component can be installed (see Section 3.1.4) may be helpful, the client component (see section 3.1.6)

208 This component can first look at the information directly into the PC database of the provider and then decide whether to set up the transfer channel or not, however, must be with the provider the server component must be installed (see Section 3.1.5)

arise for providers of information through new organization of advertising

209 following advantages

1) The provider gets new cheap way of advertising This can significantly save the dissemination of advertising Blatter) the provider on other advertising types (for example, which is also the environmental benefit comes 2) The provider receives detailed information on customer requests that the

210 customer leaves in the form of SQL expression offered. These expressions of providers may at any time to evaluate.

For the customer, there are the following advantages:

1) The customer gets regular advertising offers from different aAnbietern without having to worry about it. About discounted deals can Extra

be notified 211th By comparing offers from different providers, the customer can buy cheaper while also travel expenses and travel time to save some.

2) The customer does not pay virtually .to and for that to spend much less time at the computer for online research.

However, for a market economy, it will have a positive impact, since it is the competition

212 will be harder between companies and the customer will get more information about offers.

3.3. International Order Catalogs

Due to the new database system and international order catalogs can be developed. Among them we must not only order catalogs as Otto, Neckermann

213, etc. understand but also subject-related order catalogs (z. B. spare parts, raw materials, etc.) that are built according to the same principle. Below is an example for gasoline is displayed catalog.

This creates a PC database on the Internet with all the goods of the Otto catalog. usw.hat since the Otto catalog of many sections "Fashion for you", "wash", "The Shoe House"

214 corresponding table can be created for each heading in the Otto database at the headquarters of the company. In each table references (URL) to apply to WWW page. It should also be present such references in different languages. When signing up at Otto database, the user enters the desired language and desired categories (usually all) a. After registration are with him on

215 the computer automatically created corresponding tables and import channels. In tables, the most important data to be displayed: name, quality specifications, prices, reference to the Web page where you can view detailed information in multimedia form Each user can install the program from the Internet will be in its PC database forms in specified language copied from the

216 Catalog be transferred filtered data from source tables to target tables in this table URL fields for specified language are created. In these fields, the references to Web pages are stored in the appropriate language. In the menu bar b.zw toolbar commands must be installed that will allow easily the orders at Otto catalog make .to and print out .to, transfers

perform 217 The catalog could be updated z B every month. Of course, the Telefongebuhren for communications will carry the company

Now currently is difficult to judge how fast the virtual catalogs would displace today's excellent catalogs as Otto catalog. But what you could safely say that the virtual catalogs over time in importance

218 increase, as they were incomparably cheaper and in any case can be considered as an effective advertising medium that can always be represented in multimedia form Many private persons as companies only want to buy certain goods often, and this only after comparing prices at various companies then have the users follow these steps, he logs on to several competing

, In each catalog he gives 219 catalogs the same user filter and directed to himself corresponding table and transfer channels a For this could also standardized

Software sold when it concerns well-known catalog.

3 4 Virtual telephone booking for families and specialists

Today in Germany there are about 38 million telephone connections before Virtually

220 each phone are incidentally 2-3 phone bookers, which are replaced after every six months, if we assume that a package that telephone booking with shipping costs more than 25DM, the German government must then ensure minderst 1,000 million DM spend annually

Spending on phone books can be reduced dramatically if due to the 221 invention, regional or local address databases are created for private people on the Internet special software needs to be available for free, where at installation can choose (from the Internet), the user the county Installer puts all the necessary tables in the user database and automatically sets up the import channels to appropriate regional address databases for a private

222 people have the services of this database be the same again completely free for each pointer can be specified on the Web page when or for corresponding company private person such exists So that the user can select the language at the start of this program, the user company or private addresses select the displayed form, there will be the possibility that

Sort 223 data in any column, locate and can be filtered. All telephone books can be updated monthly for example, that the user does not have to worry about

Software can be developed for specialists and professionals who zulaßt connection to address databases of various countries for each existing database

224, the user enters his conditions, which is converted into SQL-expression and are stored in the tables 2 5 and 2 6 In existing address databases for companies it is recommended (for each official language of the region B z european

Setting Union) corresponding WWW page for important addresses on the Internet, it is a prerequisite for further internationalization of the Internet, as this for

225 selected specialist international telephone booking and make namely in their own language after his request, Electronic phone books especially for professionals can be created for mobile phones

From the local address database on the Internet changed and new addresses are regularly transferred (since last data transfer) The user does not need

226 to start the Internet Software for addresses in the virtual directory you could sort the addresses in any way, search and filter allow the user needs for updating the data in the virtual directory does not take care, because it runs automatically eg at night from the Internet becomes

In the form, where the address or phone book is displayed, menu bar and toolbar are required, the creation of standard letters, sending of faxes, e-mail etc allow

3 5 Structured Offline Search WWW pages instead of conventional search engines

Today, virtually all information from the Internet are concentrated in web pages to find the information there, today search engines are proposed uses To the disadvantages of search engines to overcome (see Section 1.3) will be the new principle of searching web pages of the Internet

For this, all customers must be registered with a special PC database Each

Customer may only to a class ( "Company", "families and private persons", "freelancers", "Amter and institutions", etc) are the classes can be arranged on the Internet and in directories and subdirectories as News

Each class in the registration database corresponds to a table with the same name in the class table class-specific fields are created that can provide key information about customers and their web pages This imperative fields for URL of the website for all languages ​​that are gangig in the given customer class be applied It is also important, and so on for each class general fields such as name, city, zip be created for better identification of the objects of the class you should also apply the "Brief description" for all gangige languages ​​of the class field "Key words" and in this field are automatically entered all common words in the web pages of the customer, the customer can then manually extinguish some of entries or enter new

After creating or changing a WWW page the appropriate server program offers the customer at Registierungsdatenbank in the offered form to register or changes to make when an existing Web page was updated The registration of legal persons for B Company should be made to charges for both families and private individuals, however, the application should be free result, the customer classes for private companies, where only quality information should be available, protected from unwanted intruders

The customer can enter information for each of its web pages, which he always

233 may others later after regular time intervals the new and updated customer data is transferred to parent Registierungsdatenbank and accumulated, which eg respectively for domain TopLevel domain is created after ahnlichem principle, national and international registries (eg for class "Company" or "Amter can and institutions ") are organized by the

234 subordinate registries get the customer data. However, the last is .zweckmäßig only for legal persons (companies, institutions, etc.)

To use the structured search, the participants of the internet has to register with the regional or national or international registry as a recipient of the data, the data filter type (eg postal code, city or keyword, etc.) and

Create corresponding receiving tables for desired classes with him in the database 235 for each class created table he must appropriate import channels set may also be appropriate Internet software are distributed, which were greatly facilitate this process for participants of the internet

Customer data from the registry will be in appropriate class tables

transferred 236 of the participant of the Internet automatically and regularly instead execute the search engines, the user turns offline .to its database, selects appropriate class table and lists offline searching in the corresponding table of its database it can sort the data sets and filter by any conditions The results found can in other

237 databases or spreadsheets are transmitted.

The offline search in the registry tables of the receiver will have the following advantages against online searches using search engines

1) The offline search will usually only provide useful information, which will save time and costs for subsequent research

238 2) The offline search will run much faster and with virtually no Telefongebuhren

3) The results of the offline search can it be easily transferred manually b.zw by program to other databases and spreadsheets is certainly a question of whether the customer of the WWW server can be like to register or subscribe to his registration record appropriate changes. The

239 answer is clear Whoever does not let register that can not be found by the structured search Who will make false entries in the registry, gets also false aAnsprechpartner If the customer who has painstakingly brought his WWW page on the Internet, in an orderly registration waive one? Since the Offline Search very clear benefits, they can elaborate search engines in .kurzer time

240 ablosen their huge databases and agent programs virtually.

By offline search you can organize proper control over the content of Web pages on the Internet, the vice squad can set up the registration databases transfer channels where the data filter disorderly terms is entered or for immoral Thereafter regularly in appropriate table the police

241 information transmitted by these terms really probably b.zw illegal web pages are temporarily hidden in the registry (flag view = false), so that this Web page are not .to find through offline search.

3 6 search of the Internet in PC databases

Using the Internet, the PC databases is the possibility of new search Used in 42 set up Internet, which can perform the search in the .zuganglichen for public PC databases For a registration database must be USER, where the PC databases providers of information can register the aAnbieter of information selected in the registration database an appropriate class table are organized into trees on the purpose of the special form 43 he gives the necessary .Vngaben (name, address, etc.) as Key words that best represent the information offered , one can be allowed that let enter the provider in several class tables, but only once to dismiss the unscrupulous in each table, the registration fee should be levied and be dependent 44 on the number of items Such registries should created each provider are open from which the nderten and new entries are transferred to a central registry of the country through virtual transfer channels, the interested parties can .to appropriate class tables of the central registry set up their own transfer channels to regular information on providers of

.to 245 Information received But as data filter is the term searched the field for Key words than SQL expression defines the information on registered PC databases are transferred to the corresponding table of interested parties by clicking in the selected line it is connected to the appropriate provider of information where he can look at the data structure, looking for (for client / server

perform 246 principle) or create virtual transfer channels to this PC database

3 7 programming of complex computer systems

If some users have a common goal therefore need to communicate with each other (eg employees of a company or institution), and one then talks about computer system These users can local network as well as by Internet

247 communicate In order to process the structured data, each user of the computer system must have installed the PC database to himself in such a computer system, there are always providers and recipients of information The providers of information delivery and / or install server component and the receiver of information recording and / or client component Each

248 participants of the IT system can simultaneously as providers and recipients of

his information when corresponding components of the PC database installed

When configuring the computer system always following global steps for each participant of the IT system are provided

1) Based on the user's tasks are hierarchical user Baume

249 first without container tables recorded There are no fields yet to be defined

2) For all the relationships of the type m: n Container tables created in some Boxtabellen If the same data is entered, it is useful to create relevant container table where the data is entered once or received and then transferred into corresponding Boxtabellen. Between container tables

250 and Boxtabellen inner transfer channels are defined.

3) For all box- or container tables user fields are applied. The consideration of files are necessary which have to be stored on the Internet as a stationary data. This is also appropriate fields for storing the references to Web pages are to be applied.

251 4) Automatic generation of forms for viewing the chart data

5) For all inner transfer channels field mappings between source and destination fields to be defined.

6) For any internal transfer channel, if it is necessary to transfer the filter is applied.

252 7) for each user are necessary to create import channels.

8) It will be programmed event necessary functions.


Patentanspr├╝che the invention y c ₧ data architecture and data transfer of structured information on the Internet "
1. Structured Information in the electronic data processing system are stored in a table in the database. The tables consist of columns (fields) and Zeiien (Datensätzen), so each row daß a real ex. istierendes object repräsentiert. Each record in the table is marked with unambiguous Hauptschlüssel.
The Datens├ñtze in different tables with each other in the relationship 1: 1, 1: n (n> 1), m: n (m> l, and n> l), so da├ƒ complex virtual Benutzersystem╬▒ arise k├ ╢nnen. The connection between Datens├ñtzen is carried out by so-called Verbindungsschl├╝ssel applied as Fremdschl├╝ssel. Data architecture and data transfer of the structured information on the Internet is identified folgenderma├ƒen:
2. Structured information of similar Objelcten be .zusammengef├╝hrt in tables, unstructured and extensive information from these objects are separated from structured and swapped on the Internet. References (addresses) are entered into corresponding fields of structured tables on the outsourced information.
3. tables on the .Arbeitsstation be classified into hierarchical and isolated Bäume and only stored in a database of the computer.
4. Data Transfer .Between computers is from Table .to table by external transfer channels. Für each transfer channel TransferfiIter (Benutzerfϊlter) is set.
5. F├╝r unstructured and extensive information of the objects in the data transfer will only ├╝bertragen the references to that information.
6. Transferlcanal after .Anspruch 4 connects QuellenfeldeπTransferfelder), including getting the Hauptschlüssel the data source as Transferschlüssel and necessary references to unstructured and comprehensive data with corresponding fields of the
Target table where the Transferschl├╝ssel is applied as Fremdschl├╝ssel.
7. Before the data transfer between computers a Aktuahsierungspaket from Traπsferfelderrr is formed with Datensätzen für each source table of the sender, the identifi.zie.rt with unique Transferschlüsseln and seitletzter Ubertxagimg are geändert. The Datensätze in the update package will be filtered by the filter transfer stored at the sender.
Figure imgf000054_0001
^, ^ --- '' ^ '' '*' 'u * Aa. "Γäó A' Γê ₧ ┬╗ k ^ - ii - '? ^^ r * mi \ ffΓäó"' a'r be ├╝bertragen . target packets addressed to the same transfer server .zusammengefa├ƒt bertragungspaket in a ├ £ and so ├╝bertragen to the transfer server.
8. Ubertragungspakete on the Transfer Server are divided into ursprüngliche target packages again be picked up by Empfängern. When Empfänger the fetched data packets are distributed to ursprüngliche update packages that zunächst in intermediate tables (data containers) alctualisieren with same Transferschlüsseln the Datensätze. Datensätze the upgrade package with new Transferschlüsseln be angefügt to the data container.
9. New and geänderte data from the data container are filtered by internal Transferkanäle using the Benutzerfϊlters and übertragen the Boxtabellen the user database. Datensätze the Boxtabelle be updated by data from the upgrade package with the same Transferschlüsseln. Datensätze from the .Aktualisierungspaket with new Transferschlüsseln be .zunächst the Boxtabelle angefügt as a passive data appendix.
10. Recording of information in the Bojrtabelle and activation of the p-issiven appendix data is ausgeführt by correlation filter that does not zuläßt, daß the number of Datensätze with the same Transferschlüssel the value m, and with the same Verbindungsschlüssel n is in the Boxtabelle übersteigt.
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