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geiten .tous @anni {fig-.,

JOHN TYLER, or WEST LEBANON,NEW HAMPSHIRE lLettersQPate'nt No. 20,456,6Zated June 1, 1858*; reissue No. 3,018, dated June 39, 1858.


To ALL wHoM ,IT MAY o'oNoERNe y Be it known that I, JOHN TYLERV,of West Lebanon, in the county of Grafton, and State of New Hampshire,

have invented a new and useful Improvement in WaterLWheels; and I do hereby declare that 'the followingis a full and exact description thereof, reference being had'torthe accompanying drawings, which form a portion of this-specicationf y Figure Ibeing a top View of my improved water-wheel.-

Figure V2.a side elevation of the same. i

Figure 3 a verticalvsection in the line zum of igfl, and

Figure 4 a horizontal sectionin the line y y of gs. 2 and 3.

Similar letters indicate likeparts in each of the drawings. v

Water-wheels which work within the ordinary scroll-shaped water-Ways are constantly liable to injury from pieces of wood, or other hard substances, that may be'carriednto said water-ways, whichfliabilityi to'injnry I 4have perfectly remedied by my .presentimprovement` i "In in'y present improved water-whdel, a section, k, of the terminal portion of the curb is hinged to the main portion of said curb, and my present improvement consists in so proportioning and hinging a section, myd-thc inner'face of the mouthA of the scroll-shaped water-way of the wheel that thesaid hinged section m will bear 'against the outer surface ofthe hinged curb-section k, and with such a degree of' leverage that the pressure of the water,as it passes 'into thel wheel, will, by ,its notion on the said hinged sectonfm, keep the' curb-section lc 'in the closed position shown in g. 4, under all circumstances of mere water-pressure, end whenever any solid material may pass -into the wheehand be brought in contact with the curb-section k., the sai'dvsectonmill instantly open for the discharge of said obstruction, and will then be-as instantly closed again by the action thereupon of the hinged section m. l i

I do not propose to limit myself'to any precise proportions of th' above-mentioned hinged sections /t and m, `whilst the proportions of said sections shall be such that the lateral pressure of the water as it passes into the wheel,'shall cause the hinged section m to retain the hinged section lc in a closed position under ordinary eir-` c,

eumstances, and instantly close thesame again after it husbeen opened by any extraordinary internal pressure. Having thus fully described my improved water-wheehwhatl claim therein as new, and. desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-.

i The hinged section m of the inner face of the scroll-shaped water-way of said wheel, when arranged and operating in conjunction with the movable curb-sectiorn/tn thereof, substantially in'the manner herein set-forth.



J; D.l HonLnY, ML .L BURTON.



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