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Lettet Pate ntNo.15,309,dated July 8,1856; mm.. Na. 3,015, .zaied June eo, 1863.


hii:: Schmidt ttftmh in fi m ?mm mit m nothing part ni flp TO' ALL WHOM Il' MAY CONGERN: l V

.Be it known that I, J:OHN TELER, of West-Lebanon, in the county of Grfton, :ind State of New Hampshire,

have invented eundry new and useful Improvements in Water-Wheels; and I do herehy deelare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this specification-.

` Figure 1 being a vertical section of ni improved woter-wheel in th'e line :c :z of fig. 2, end

Fig re %is a. horizontsl section in; the line y y of fig. 1. V Similar letters indicate like parts in each figure of said drawings. The bncket-head, e, of my improved water-Wheel, and the huckets, d d, descending from saidhead are onclosed by a scroll-bapeduter-wy, A; os shown in the accompenying drawings. The proper shape and position are given to the said huckets d d by the following method, to wit: A i e Draw n circle, b, of a dinmeter 'corresponding with that of he bucket-heudhf the weter-wheel to be con- `trctedg then, from the same initial point, drawnn inner concentric circle, a; then place the pi vot-leg of the compascs upon the said outer circle b, and so adjust the marking-kg of the instrument that -it 'will form n c'rve tengentinl to the said inner circle c, which curve; when extended from the inner circle to the outer ci'cle b,

will give the desired and the best possible shape for the convex urface of the respective buckets d d, and also the best position that the said convex surfoce of .each bucket can occupy benenth the bucket-head c.

In ractice, I hnve nscertained thot the-'hest water-wheel is produced when the diameter of the inner guiding circle e i f-om one-third to one-half that of the onter guiding circleb.

The buckets d d are cast in one piece with' the bucket-leod e. The under surface of the bucket-heed, or

that portion thereof from which the huckets desc'end, chrves upwards andoutwardsf'on the central aperture therein, and to such n degree es to cuso the \tutor to act in a. condensed and continuus body upon the convex surface of the respective buckets, and to pass so rapidly through'thewheel csto lgiie the same the instant thot its propelling force ceases to act upon the said series of huckets. The sidcu'vature of the bucket-head e' also causes the possnge of the viater through the water-Wheel to exert a lifting action thereu pon, which causes aconsiderable diminution of the friction upon the lower bearing of the ivheel, and e corresponding addition to the power of the whe'el. K

The lower edges of the series' ofbuckets d d are conneeted with each other by e rim, f, whose inner -edge is of thebevelled and scallop-hape represented in the accompanyin'g drawings. The said rim f extends inwards, in close contact with the convex sn-face of ..each hclret, a distance equel to about three-sevenths of the len'gth of said surfuce, and from tht point it c'irves outwrd end downrirds, to narror connection between the said -im` und the outer extremity of the .concav e sui-face of the next hucket in' uccession, and so onwerds around the Wheel.

The abject of' giving'tho 'foresaidslnpe to' the rinf, is toenable it to conduet'the water from the \voterya, A ngninst the control portion of the convey: aurfnce of each' one of the buclet, before it commences` its donrard decent und `ex-it from the Wheel.

An mir-tight and oe'ntrally-elevated cover, D,'is conhinel with the upper edge of crb of my imbrovedwater- Wheel, in such e'manner au to form en hit-.tight joint between the two. An sir-tight packing-box, E, which is cnhi e'd with the aperture in the epex of .the curh-cover D, forms the upper bearing of the water-Wheel shat't. The sir-tight chamber hit hin the eurh, and the club-cover of my improved \Inter-Wheel, prevent th'e-rising of any water from below into the came, and conseqnentlythe said water-Wheel can be operated, without any mate rial loss of power;- \then immered in back-water. When used in cold climatem; improved water-Wheel can he protected from the iijurious effects of the frost by immersing itin standing water. V

'L The cnrh-cover D is'suficiently elevnted toform a. firm end relible upper baarl'ngto the water-Wheel shaft,

and eoneqently the acid shaft can h'e connected directly to the machinery thot is toihe ope-ntd thereby; wtlout the aid' of auxiliary ahefting.

The gate-hoi B, which is combned with the mouth of the vrater-vyA hy means of orer-bolt or other unit- 'ebledevices, is of sufiicient height to enable the gate C to Be opersterl within eidhox. 'The said gate m'y Se' operated by means of the shank g vvhieh 'ises therefrom, and puses through s inked apertre in the top of the gate-box, substntilly us shown in the accompeiying drmngs.

V Suiteble flenges, lugs, or ears should he cast or formed on the outer edges o the gate-box B, to enehle :the some' to he directly con'nected with any vrater-s upplying'flume, tube, or truxk; V

It \vil l therefore be perceived that my improved water-Wheel on he directly 'onneotewith any vvter supplying fiume, t ube, or 'truuk, and, after being eo connected, power ce hrconmunicted from the shft of said wheel to any machinery that is to he propelled thereby.

Having thus fully described my netv and improved water-Wheel, what I clin therein es ny invention, and desire to seoure byLetters Petent, is--` l Thecurved bucket-head' e, whenthe eid head is combined with the series of 'segnent-shped huckets d d, substentially in the nenner herein set forth. 4

I also claimthe segment-shoped buckets d d, when the said buolets are forned rith and project from 'the concave surface of the curved bucket-head e, substantially es herein set fo-th V 4 I alao claim the combination of the buckets d d with the huckot-.head e, rhen the said huckets are located in positions tangential to the innr'guiding circle c, substantilly'u herein set forth. V

I also claim' the comhinetion'of the scallop-edged rin f with the lover ege of the series of huckete dd, suhstantially as and for the purpose herei set for-th.

I also olsim the comhination of the eleveted cover D with the curb of x'y improved water-Wheel, henthe said cover is eo proportioned as to receive uud sustain the upper hearing-box of theshft of the Wheel, euhtntially as herein set forth.

I also claim the' combinaton of the uetachable gate-box B with the mouth of the vter-vvy of' the water- Wheel, all substentielly in the nenier and for the purpose herein set forth.

, JOHN TYLER. Witnessee:- l

J. D. Honm' M. J. .BUnToNQ



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