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L. HUSSEY, 2 Sheetr-Shpet 1.
Assignor m G. w. Dommsou. HEATING EXHAUST AND SUPERHEATING LIVE STEAML No. 10,632. Reissugd Aug. 4 1885.
r/v Q N Q Q k X1 fllki i I. fizvarzfor.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Reissued Letters Patent No. 10,632, dated August 4, 1885. Original No.279,241, dated June 12, 1883. Application for reissue filed May 26, 1885.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, LEVI HUssEY, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Reheating Exhaust- Steam and Superheating Live Steam, of which the following is a specification.
This invention relates'to an apparatus for reheating exhaust-steam and also for superlieating live steam when the engine from which the exhaust-steam is derived is not running, so thatthereby a constant and uniform degree of ,heat can be supplied to drying-rooms or for other purposes.
The invention consists in the combination with a steam-boiler of an e'xhaust-steam-reheating or livesteam-superheating device, located within aflue through which theproducts of combustion pass, said device being connected with a valved exhaust-pipe of the steam-engine and with a valved live'steam pipe from the steam-boiler, whereby it may be readily converted from an exhaust-steam reheater toa livesteam superheater, and with avalved steam-conducting pipe which conveys the reheated exhaust-steam or the superheated live steam to the radiators or other appliances for utilizing the same.
The invention further consists in providing an enlargement in the flue through which the products of combustion pass, and combining therewith a steam-heating apparatusfor re" heating the exhaust steam from an engine or engines or for superheating live steam take direct from steam-generators.
In the accompanying drawings,-which illustrate my invention, Figures 1 and 2 represent vertical longitudinal sections of my improved apparatus for reheating exhaust-steam and superheating live steam, and Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section through the system of heating-pipes shown in Fig. 2.
, Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.
Referring to the drawings, A represents a steam-boiler of any approved construction, and B the brick-work'by which the same is supported. The products of combustion are conductedfrom the furnace 0 along the bottom and sides of the boiler to the rear end of the same, thence forward through the tubularflues of the boiler to a vertical flue, G, atthe front end thereof, thence into an enlargement of the flue D, containing reheating-pipes E, supported therein in any suitable manner, and
thence through/the valved flue H or the valved flue H to'the chimney. A main exhaust-pipe, F, leading from the steam-engine, provided with a valve, 8, connects with the radiator,
feed-water heaters, or other devices for utilizing; the exhaust-steam. A branch exhaustpipe', F, connects the main exhaust-pipe below the valve 8 with the lower end of the reheatingpipes E, and a pipe, I, connects the upper end of said pipes with said main exhaust-pipe above said valve 8. The branch exhaust-pipe is provided with a valve, f, and the pipe I is providedwith a valve, t, and with a valved branch pipe, J ,which may lead directly to a radiator or other exhaust-steam utilizing-device. By closing the valve 8 of the main exhaust-pipe and opening the valve f of the branch exhaust-pipe the exhaust-steam will pass to and through the reheating-pipes, where it will become reheated, and thence through the pipe I back to the main exhaust pipe or other pipe connected. with the radiators, feedwvater heaters, or other device for- 4 utilizing the said steam.
When the-briek-work surrounding the system of v pipes E or chamber E is properly heated by the fire of the furnace 0, the heat absorbed by the brick walls is radiated and employed, in connection with the direct heat of the products of combustion that are drawn around the system of pipes E or through the chamber E, for reheating the exhaust-steam to aconsiderably higher temperature, the same being then conducted oii' through a valved pipe, I, connected to the upper end of the heating-pipes E or chamber E, for use in heating up drying-rooms and'for other purposes. The pipe I, that conducts oil the reheated steam, is provided with an outlet-pipe,
- K, having a pressure-relief valve, K, so as to regulate the pressure in the system of heat ing-pipes and admit automatically the escape of steam of higher pressure.
I Instead of locating the fine or chamber D immediately above the boiler, the vertical flue G may be extended, and instead of having a single flue, D, through which the gasestea upasses theregnay.hmaihlifii 9! small fines, D, inclosed in a chamber, E, asshown' in Figs. 2 and 3, in which case the products of combustion may pass from the verticalflue G to the exhaust-fluefthrough the small flues -D, while the exhaust-steam passes thro'ugh said chamber E in contact with the outside of said pipes.
connected by a valve pipe, g, with a dome, A,
pass through the system of heating-pipes E the day or nigh t; In this case the stop-cock f of the exhaust-pipe F- is closed, and the valve of the live-steaiupipe g is opened. The system of heating-pipes-E acts then as a superheatcr of the live's'team, and'permits. the lowering of the steam-pressure in the boiler to a very low points-say five pounds-thus insuring greater safety andazcons'iderably smaller consumption of fuel, as thezsteamis superheated in passing through the system or pipes without extra cost by the heat .of the products of combustion and the heat radiated by the brick walls;
In this manner all the advantages obtained bycarryiug steam atja high pressure are *secured -for'l 1ea ting pur poses without any danger or-without any ex tra-expense' for'fucl, .simply by the heat that would otherwise pass off through the chimney. By the apparatus described, drying-rooms or other apparatus requiring heat may beheated during the day by means of the re- ,heated exhaust-steam, to which a high tembfimture is impartedin the system of heating while at night'live steam of a low temperature pipes. through which the same is conducted,
througlrthe chimney, is thus utilized for 'economicaland' eifective use in the arts, and thereby a'considerable saying in fuel is-ob- 1 tained.- I The system of heating-pipes'E is further Havingth us described myinvention, I claim as new and desire to secure by LettersPa-tent or with any other suitable part of the steam. boiler A, so that live steam may be made to 1. The comhination,with a steam-boiler, of
a vertical flue at one end thereof, a flue or -flu'esj above the boiler, an exhaust-steam-re heating device within or'ar'ound said flue or flues, a valved exhaust-steam pipe, apipe connecting' said exhaust-steam pipe with't-hereheating device,'a' valved livesteam pipe con- ,"n'e'ctingthe reheating devicewith the'steamboiler, and a pipe that conducts the reheated exhaust-steamer the superheated live steam from said heating device to the substantially as described.
2. ,In a device for reheating exhaust-steam and 'superheat-ing live steam 'by the heated products of combustion while passing from place of use,
.thesteam-gen'crator to the uptake, the combinatign of enlargement or chamber D, located in the discharge-flue, a series of heating-pipes arranged/in said chaiiiheforenlargement, and,
suitable pipes and tubes for conducting and regulating the flow of exhaust-steam from the engine or other device and live steam from the boiler'to and from the heating-pipes, substantially as and for the'purpose set forth. Dated New York, May 21, 1885.
I -L-E V-I HUSSEY. Witnesses:



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