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USD93117S US D93117 S USD93117 S US D93117S
United States
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Walter R. Leach
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Aug. 21, 1934. w. R. LEACH Des. 93,117 D BOTTLE Filed April 24, 1934 Patented Aug. 21, 1934 D 93,117

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR A BOTTLE Walter R. Leach, Baltimore, Md., assignor to Carr-Lowrey Glass 00., Baltimore, Md.

Application April 24, 1934, Serial No. 51,501

Term of patent 14 years To all whom it may concern: Figure 1 is a. front elevation of a bottle show- Be it known that I, WALTER R. LEACH, a citiing my new design.

zen of the United States, residing at Baltimore, Figure 2 is a side elevation.

in the State of Maryland, have invented a new, Figure 3 is a top plan view.

original, and ornamental Design for a Bottle, of Figure 4 is a bottom plan view.

which the following is a specification, reference I claim:-

being had to the accompanying drawing, forming The ornamental design for a. bottle, as shown. a part thereof. WALTER. R. LEACH.



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