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USD92215S US D92215 S USD92215 S US D92215S
United States
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water closet
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James M. Teahen
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y 3, 19344 J. M. TEAHEN Des. 92,215

WATER CLOSET Filed March 19, 1934 'H' h I; u

I am M. n W

1. NH 1; 1) mm INVENTOR l n m 1| 74721857? Teaizan BY W ATTORNEYS Patented May 8, 1934 Des,

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DESIGN FOR, A WATER CLOSET James M. Teahen, Detroit, Mich. 8 Application March 19, 1934, Serial No. 51,089

Term of patent 14 years To all whom it may concern: Fig. l is a perspective view from the side of Be it known that I, JAMES M. TEAHEN, a citithe water closet showing my new design;

Zen of the United States of America, residing at Fig. 2 is a similar view from the front of the Detroit, in the county of Wayne in the State of closet.

Michigan, have invented a new, original, and I claim:

ornamental Design for a Water Closet, of which The ornamental design for a water closet subthe following is a specification, reference being stantially as shown.

had therein to the accompanying drawing, form- JAMES M. TEAHEN.

ing a, part thereof, wherein;



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