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The FIGURE is a front view of a user interface for a food preparation device, showing our new design.
The broken lines are shown for the purposes of illustrating parts of the article that form no part of the claim.
All features on the claimed front surface reside in the same flat flush plane.

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  1. The ornamental design for a user interface for a food preparation device, as shown and described.
US29/733,284 2019-06-06 2020-04-30 User interface for a food preparation device Active USD922126S1 (en)

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US29/733,284 USD922126S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2020-04-30 User interface for a food preparation device

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US29/694,045 USD982375S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2019-06-06 Food preparation device
US29/733,284 USD922126S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2020-04-30 User interface for a food preparation device

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US29/694,045 Continuation USD982375S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2019-06-06 Food preparation device

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US29/694,045 Active USD982375S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2019-06-06 Food preparation device
US29/733,284 Active USD922126S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2020-04-30 User interface for a food preparation device

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US29/694,045 Active USD982375S1 (en) 2019-06-06 2019-06-06 Food preparation device

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