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USD90878S US D90878 S USD90878 S US D90878S
United States
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new york
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Percival Goodman
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' Oct. 17, 1933. p GOODMAN Des. 90,878

CHAIR Filed July 27, 1933 fl INEQTOR I Patented Oct. 17, 1933 Des,

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DE SIGN FOR A CHAIR Percival Goodman, New York, N. Y., assignor to The McKay Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application July 27, 1933. Serial No. 48,847

Term of patent 7 years To all whom it may concern: Figure l is a side view of the chair embodying Be it known that I, PERCIVAL GOODMAN, a citizen my new design, and Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the United States, residing at New York city, thereof.

in the county of New York, State of New York, I claim:

have invented a new, original, and ornamental The ornamental design for a chair, as shown.

Design for a Chair, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accom- PERCIVAL GOODMAN.

panying drawing forming a part hereof.



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