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USD90281S US D90281 S USD90281 S US D90281S
United States
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game board
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Louis W. Gensbubg
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July 11, 1933. w. GENSBURG Des. 90,281
Filed March 22, 1955 QW HIS ATTORNEY Patented July 11, 1933 Des,
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE LOUIS W. GENSBURG, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I DESIGN r02. A Gnu: Bonn Application filed. latch 22, 1933. Serial No. 47,546. Term of patent 81: years. To all whom it may concern: Fig. 1 is a plan view of a game board show- Be it known that I, Loms W. GENSBURG, a ing my new design; citizen of the United States, residing at Chi- Fig. 2 is a side edge view of the same; and cago, in the county of Cook and State of Illi- Fig. 3 is an end edge view of the same. nois, have invented a new, original, and orna- I claim: mental Design for a Game Board, of which The ornamental design for a game board as the following is a specification, reference beshown. ing had to the accompanying drawing form- LOUIS W. GENSBURG. ing part thereof, and in which:



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