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USD87035S US D87035 S USD87035 S US D87035S
United States
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William C. Willets
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y 24, 1932- w. c WILLETS Des. 87,035
/ "MAJ u t l I O 7 INVENfOp VVILLIAM C. W/LLETS ATTORNEY Patented May 24, 1932 Des,
UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM C. WILLETS, OF GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA DESIGN FOR AN ICELESS COOLER Application filed March 19, 1932. Serial No. 43,237. Term of patent 7 years.
To all whom it may concern: In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a front elevation Be it known that I, WILLIAM C. VVILLETS, a of an iceless cooler embodying my design and citizen of the United States, residing at Glen Fig. 2 is a plan view.
dale, in the county of Los Angeles and State I claim: of California, have invented a new, original, The ornamental design for an iceless cooler,
and ornamental Design for Iceless Coolers, as shown.
of which the following is a speciiliation, reference being had to the accompanying draw- WILLIAM C. WILLETS. ings, forming part thereof.



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