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USD81626S US D81626 S USD81626 S US D81626S
United States
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lamp base
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Caboline A. Btjbke
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July 22, 1930. c. A. BURKE Des. 81,626

LAMP BASE Filed April 7, 1930 Caroline A. Bar/6.

INVENTOR HE ATTORNEY Patented July 22, 1930 Des,

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CAROLINE A. BURKE, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS DESIGN FOR A LAMP BASE Application filed April 7, 1930. Serial No. 35,188. Term of patent 13 years.

T 0 all whom it may concern: The figure is a perspective View of the lamp Be it known that I, CAROLINE A. BURKE, base embodying my design.

a citizen of the United States, residing at I claim:

Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of The ornamental design for a lamp base Illinois, have invented a new, original, and substantially as shown.

ornamental Design for a Lamp Base, of

which the following is a specification, refer- CAROLINE A. BURKE.

ence being had to the accompanying drawing,

forming a part thereof.



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